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  • Nexon NA Doesn't listen to us Players At all !!!!

    There are reasons such as addiction, holding onto nostalgic memories, or simply that it's just the game that's worth coming back to (content wise, not stability).

    I've made similar threads in the past on the older forums which are probably now gone. This game is constantly being driven into the ground again, again, and again. Most of the players who would either come back from a break or join quit the game due to the severe mass of bugs that hinders game play of functions or stability. It's to the point where it's either massively lagging, or certain content is harder/impossible than it should be.

    I've made a similar thread (not the first person, nor the last).

    I've made a rant thread about V Patch too.

    Here are a few bugs that I've reported in the past:

    - GameLauncher - Having to click the "Login" button repeatedly
    - Kerning City Portal mix-up
    - Quests that count kills cause lag
    - [RESOLVED] Dual Blade: Blade Ascension after Flash Jump
    - Non-Mysterious Herbs/Veins in Training Areas
    - Normal Vellum Missing Animation Frames
    - Unable to buy back items with durability from NPC
    - [RESOLVED]Black Heaven cut-scenes swapped
    - FriendStory playing the wrong opening scene
    - No description for Gollux Queue Buff
    - Kritias Invasion - Meteors spawning without Magnus
    - Chryse Party Quest Disappearing Shrubs
    - Certain Ring effect temporarily disables skill use
    - Luden's Gift cannot be completed
    - Damage Skin Crit/Non-Crit displaying incorrectly.
    - Android sometimes vanishes when changing maps
    - Using Owl of Minerva requires multiple attempts
    - [RESOLVED] Storm Growth Potion stuck in inventory
    - Kritias Invasion Contribution not properly aligned
    - [RESOLVED] Certain Ring effect disables character functions
    - Normal swaps to Chaos Horntail run

    Note: I had to figure out on my own which are resolved so I have little to no idea on all of the bug statuses.

    I've made a few suggestions too:

    - Change certain boss resets from 24 hrs to daily
    - Ranmaru Lobby Allow Familiars to stay summoned
    - Hide familiars during cut-scenes
    - Add Bonus Cubes & Fusion Tickets to Reward Shop
    - Allow Badges the use of Spell Traces
    - Let DROP Coupons survive disconnection
    - Keep Spell Tracing selected based on scroll
    - Add a "Not for Sale" option for Free Market Shops

    Most of these "suggestions" are literally repeats of what many others have said in the past.

    My honest opinion is that there needs to be change for this game that helps out the community and company. At this point even the Cash Shop disgusts many people. That's pretty pathetic if even the shop doesn't attract people.

    My point isn't the amount of posts that I've made, but how little has changed because of these posts. It's quite a disappointment that this game has been a mess for the past decade. If Nexon wants Global MapleStory to survive, they need to at least to put a decent amount of effort into not only compensating us for downtime.

    They need to make the game better so things such as this doesn't happen again, and neither does the poor sense of game/server stability.

    These threads I've linked aren't comprehensive either. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Things such as bugs for Dragon Rider Party Quest, Event Hall, and lesser bug reports exists. Same applies to suggestions such as increase from 15 to 25 Star Force, Additional Options/Flames of Rebirth, safety nets for RNG events and scrolling, royals, cash shop, etc.
  • What are your thoughts on exploiters?

    In my opinion, it depends on the degree of exploitation.

    If it's built in such as the recent BFF Event or Shining Santa Boxes it's hard to justify a ban due to it being normally accessible. It's as if you're playing as normal but with a broken rate.

    An example such as Hunter's Club Exploit where exiting the NPC chat early wouldn't lower your daily count I would say blocking exploiters from part-taking the rest of the event would justify as a punishment. It would be unfair in that sense due to not playing normally by manipulating functions that shouldn't cause the outcome, but it does.

    Hacking exploits such as the recent skill exploit, infinite Arcane Symbols, Chu Chu Infinite Mesos exploit, or originally Frenzy Totems/Black Swordsman/Beater items in Reboot. Not only should they be blocked but accounts connected to the exploit should be permanently banned no questions asked.


    In my opinion, there are three main problems:
    1. Content is not properly tested before release. Refer to Choco Power!, BFF event, Shining Santa Boxes. They need to work on balancing content while it's in the works, not when the events/content becomes live. Because of these errors happening time and time again this causes inconvenience and frustration for both the community and company. If that were to come into play something like the Unscheduled Maintenance and the nerf would have never happened because those "broken ratios" would have never existed in the first place

    2. Exploiters are simply not being punished. Pointing back to hacking exploits in particular many of these hackers are getting away by ruining the player structure by "inflating" the standards what a regular player should be and market prices.

    3. The real problems with the game are still not being solved or "under the works" in an unreasonable amount of time with little or no explanation. Certain examples such as the Event Hall and Dragon Rider Party Quest have remained bugged within the game for quite some time now. Same applies to suggestions such as Bonus Potential, Nebulites, Reboot progression, Bosses, etc. Technical Support such as Nexon Launcher, starting up the game can also fall into this category. As for what's being done can be any guess. It becomes annoying when many nerfs are being handed out but there are barely any fixes or improvements to overall game for the player.

    Of course it's going to be negative. Taking an absolutely broken rate to absolute zero with nothing in return will always result in backlash. The current state of the game shows just how well it's doing, which I will quote from my previous V patch feedback:

    It's a disaster.
  • I dislike how botting violations are enforced.

    Neospector wrote: »
    You're not being lied to. That is the policy. Again, I can't vouch for personal experience, but it's just that, personal experience. I've never heard of people joking how easy it is to get a ban reversed, in fact I've heard the exact opposite; people have been blocked from Live Chat for trying to appeal their ban multiple times.
    I can support your statement from personal experience.

    I've attempted to help one of my friends get a "ranking ban" reversed several times with fail. The punishment has been justified as of the ban and it still has been justified a year later after the incident.

    If it was really that easy to get unbanned regardless of the duration, then why is there such difficulty to reverse a ranking ban? It doesn't add up. It can't be both.
  • Feedback RE:drop rates

    It backfires when you nerf the drop rate because it increases the chances of botting/hacking when it becomes harder.

    Many players in the past and now have been pushing for a better Maple in terms of a proper upgrading route that isn't ridiculous as of right now.

    Clean Chaos Root Abyss equipment won't help you beat Chaos Root Abyss Bosses. Then there's Tyrant equipment and Magnus. Empress equipment and Cygnus. Gollux. Etc.

    It's either you have drop equipment, bot (which I am not recommending but many people do this), or grind it out till the end of days. If they want to do something about the hackers and botters go after patching the exploits completely and going after players reducing numbers one by one.

    Proof such as the anti-hack system in general or certain boss content such as Magnus has proved that it hindered players more than the actual hackers.

    The biggest issue is Nexon's incompetence is realizing the issues of funding in Non-Reboot worlds is extremely limited as an average player, and in all worlds because of all the botters/hackers cheating their way to the top.

    There's tons of low level content and tons of end-game content. But there is no content in-between to properly cushion the blow.

    Arcane River is a ridiculous jump because it requires a decent if not crazy amount of damage for an average player. Nodestones are already random to begin with and the only way to get them is to grind in Arcane River.

    The heart of the problem are both the low rates and hackers/botters. Not the ability to craft tradeable nodestones.
  • Is anyone else crashing a lot?

    Fennekin wrote: »
    Another period I crash a lot is five minutes after entering the game. I enter my PIC, get into the game, then do something on another window for a bit. Then a few minutes later I get "MapleStory has stopped working"...

    After logging onto a character it's recommended to jump around for a bit. It generally reduces the crashing but I'm not sure why that's the case as opposed to being idle right after login. It just happens.