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  • Increase 40-Slot Chair Bag Purchase Limit

    Currently, the purchase limit for 40-Slot Chair Bag is set to one. However, players can use two Chair Bags at once. As these bags are completely Untradeable, players can only gain one of these throughout the event period. GMS has far more chairs than KMS, meaning two bags would be reasonable - if not required. I propose the purchase limit be raised to two.

    I make this thread to gather community support on this issue. If you want this change, please make a post in here stating such.
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  • Add Terminus Thief and Mage Shields

    While sets such as Deimos and Fearless include shields for Thieves, Mages, and Warriors, Terminus has only offered a shield for Warrior class. Considering the initiative to assure every set with multiple weapon types includes weapons of all available types, I would call the lack of Terminus shields for Mages and Thieves to be inconsistent. As with other Terminus equipment, I'd expect the new shields in The Boss' drop table and Marvel Machine.

    I make this thread to determine support for the idea. I also want to discuss potential balance issues with the community. New, level 160 shields would be Best in Slot for applicable classes, due to Tier 4 potential and higher Star Force stats, and must be considered. I'd value insight from the community on if the effect of adding such items might cause too much of a power shift. Thank you in advance.

    Previous, brief thread of such an idea.
  • Chain Arts: Void Strike massive lag

    Hello. Would you be able to provide a video displaying the issue? Possibly including a Task Manager view of the CPU/RAM usage up to, during, and after usage of the skill in sync with the issue?
  • Maple Achievement Nautilus Exploration Achievement

    If your Achievement Refresh button is available, would you try using it and see if it completes?
  • Really, Nexon?! :/

    I have forwarded this matter. Gachapon should not provide untradeable chairs, so I assume this is an error.