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  • Burning character "Request Failed" take 3

    I've merged all threads of the matter of deleting a burning character and receiving "Request Failed" for a new one into one large thread, so all the feedback on the matter is collected in one place. Hopefully a resolution can be made.
    For anyone currently experiencing this issue, we request the below:
    1. Attempt to create a burning character, keeping note of the server time (UTC).
    2. Provide the character name you attempted to use, the world you attempted to create the character in, the server time mentioned above, and your main character's name (for identification).
  • [PROGRESSION] Afterlands - Final door won't open

    Thank you all for reporting on this issue. We have forwarded it.
  • [LAUNCHER] "Updating files..." on nexton launcher

    Updating can take a while, depending on your computer. For instance, it's been going over 2 hours for me... Mainly because I need a new computer. Having watched Windows' Resource Monitor, it is updating files, but it is just taking a long time to rebuild all the game files.

    I have inquired about changing Nexon Launcher to display file progress similarly to the old Manual Patcher. I personally hope such a change is made in the future so we can know what the progress is when updating.
  • Crossovers

    During the last live stream Arwoo did bring up crossovers. I personally was hoping for a Western-inspired crossover, like Steven Universe... Although... Trying to trace back, I think they suggested at least that some of the animation work is done in Korea... But point being, there's so many Japan crossovers, and I'd like to see a good show popularized in the West be crossed over.

    I mean that or getting the license back to give us Coke Town. I want Coke Play Shield, Coke Snail familiar, etc.
  • Windows XP = byebye Maple?

    Keep in mind that since 2 years ago, Windows XP has been below MapleStory's minimum requirements. As noted in the linked post, while the client could still run, it was not assured to continue working under these minimum requirements. It is unfortunate that this has prevented your access to the game, but remember that there has been relative warning for such an issue.