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  • Trainer's Command Quest

    I have brought this back up for reevaluation (Forwarded).
  • Wow, that live stream was a complete waste of time

    I mean, it was exactly what MapleSea said, except it took them 3 weeks less (isH? Might be 2) to give the same exact answer. It shouldn't be so hard that one must "read between the lines" to get answers. It was sad, I felt it, many people felt it. It was a 1hour conversation about his hair.

    They differentiated on at least one point verses MapleSEA: MapleSEA restricted rewards to one per account, whereas in GMS an account may obtain multiple rewards. I'd surmise this is due to the fact they mentioned accounts were checked for legitimacy, as well as - due to runners up not being maintained - the rewards would otherwise be forfeit.
  • 13 inches of snow in PA

    Ah... So then that's MY mistake. My brain must be snowed-in.
  • Priority of fixing things :l

    It's more difficult to test job-based issues since they involve being at the proper progression in the specific job to establish the exact issue, whereas event content is usually more straightforward and generalized. It should also be noted that the experience provided by BFF event before the fix was at an unbalanced, high rate that pushed players far too quickly through levels. As nice as this sounds, players had an oddly sharp advantage over anyone visiting the game before or after the event period and the effect of higher levels is permanent to the participating character, so solution had to be made.

    For the Zero issue, I've forwarded it and will reemphasize the importance with the increasing number of Zeroes stepping forward to speak on it.
  • Potion Pot crashes game reliably.

    This issue has been forwarded. Thank you for the report.