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April 2, 1997
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Why fight a war you cannot win. Just lose.
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  • Maple LIVE Desk Set-Up Contest


    IGN: Daxterbeer
    World: Elysium

    I decided to include cable managing into my setup since having your cables tucked away contributes to overall cleaner aesthetics. Setup is used for Maplestory, streaming, video editing, schoolwork and other games such as GTA V, Hitman and Bloons TD6. I primarily sit in a Classic Aeron chair, but I chose Pink Bean and the Rock Spirit for the sake of the setup so my main chair wasn't in this shot.

    Desk: IKEA Linnmon Corner + 80 + 40 inch pieces
    Chair: Pink Bean DX Racer (Classic Aeron Chair not shown)
    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
    Mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate
    Monitors: ASUS PG278QR, 2x ASUS VG278
    Mic: Blue Yeti (Black)
    Mic arm: Samson 48" Arm

    If I win, the poster would cover my peeling wall.

  • This will get me to play Maplestory everyday!

    I will list some points I find Maplestory lacking below,
    my hope is that Nexon or developer will read them and consider few changes or accommodation...

    1. Put Tera/Mega Burning Event to every event. Burning allows me to explore Maplestory than I ever could before. I won't play without it.
    2. Some simple methods to earn large amount of mesos quickly, to allow enhancement on the equips for more damage.
    3. (maybe) more story chained quests, I have enjoyed many of the early story quests, esp simpler ones like Golden Beach, Aran, and Mushroom Princess.
    To add to this, I really liked the designs of the pendant from Mushroom Princess quest reward and the Tako earring from Golden Beach quest reward.

    These are some of the points or things I am looking from Maplestory developers so far.
    In summary, I believe it'd be good to think about the amount of time your users have to play Maplestory, this summarizes the points above, because...
    each point emphasizes time efficiency, getting "the most (fun, achievement, etc) out of the time spent", which I am hoping you have noticed already.
    Without damage output, gameplay in Maplestory becomes difficult to progress. Without burning, players can make little to no progress in the time spent.
    And, finally, without good fun, there is no point in staying to play in any game anymore. That is all, hope you will consider. Thanks.

    The first point won't work because once you burnt your characters, you are back to regular leveling rate. Since you said you cannot play without burning, you are saying you are done with the game once you burnt all your characters to 150 or 200. Unless you just plan on training characters to 200 and starting new characters once they cannot burn further, you are not going to do much else in the game.
  • Link Zelda Maplestory parody "The Legend of..."

    The Legend of Cygnus- Breath of Divinity
    The Legend of Cygnus- Twilight Perion
    The Legend of Cygnus- Wind Archer
  • remove DMT 4 reboot forever, regular servers only!

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    dont know how you dont understand that hurting/takeing piss on reboot makes GMS step closer to shutdown
    is well known that reboot has the most % of the player base and evryone else trys to avoid the shitshow of $$$ that nexon do to non-reboot

    i know nexon dont care as long as the cashflow is up and that ... and that they will keep abuse that power of " we are the only official english maplestory you got no choice but to stay with us"

  • remove DMT 4 reboot forever, regular servers only!

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Remove it for ALL servers. The luck it offers is negligible and you still need to find your lines at the cost of server stability and people guessing and asking about the next one. Just cube when you feel like it.

    No regular servers need it, people paying rl money for dmt cubes on regular server. But rebooters ALL exploit DMT and save all their mesos and all their resources to never cube outside dmt. with all the sales higher tier chances etc. the effective play is, is to save enough mesos over 6 months to leg and roll on the cheap dmt only. Leading to an incredible turn out of players all wanting and doing the same thing. everyone stock piling for 1/3 to half a year then dump all on dmt. just seems exploititive even having dmt on reboot, time to never bring it back to reboot ever again...

    Same can be said with reg servers. Not spending NX unless there is DMT, marvel or philo. The light for cubing is already green. Quit your wait because the light ain't getting any greener. KMS doesn't have our DMT, Philo or Marvel among other game features. If GMS is trying to be KMS, they can always begin with those things. All DMT is offering is very little luck tiering up and clogging the chat with someone tiering up which is happening every second.

    Next suggestion for future DMTs? Remove the tier up server notifications and DMT blessings