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April 2, 1997
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Why fight a war you cannot win. Just lose.
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  • How many character slots do you need...

    So, I had 52 so far going on 53 soon, but I lost track of how many characters slots you need to make every character class at least 1 time? I thought it was 20(probably old info), but I forgot and I already tried to search a forum about it and it no longer exists.

    or feel free to double check my math!

    Cygnus 5 slots
    Explorer 12 slots (to cover every branch)
    Resistance 5 slots
    Nova 4 slots
    Beast tamer 1 slots
    Sengoku 2 slots
    Flora 3 slots
    Hero 5 slots
    So far that's 37 slots max! Did I miss anyone?

    16 Explorers- Warrior, Magician, Bowmen, Thief, Pirate x3 +1 Jett
    7 Resistance- Blaster, Battle Mage, Mechanic, Wild Hunter, Xenon, Demon Avenger Demon Slayer
    4 Nova- AB, Kaiser, Cadena, Kaine
    3Flora-Ark, Illium, Adele
    6 Heros- Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, Evan, Shade
    6 Cygnus Knights- DW, BW, NW, TB, WA + Mihile
    2 Sengoku- Kanna Hayato
    Kinesis, Zero, BT, HY

    I got 48
  • remove DMT 4 reboot forever, regular servers only!

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    dont know how you dont understand that hurting/takeing piss on reboot makes GMS step closer to shutdown
    is well known that reboot has the most % of the player base and evryone else trys to avoid the shitshow of $$$ that nexon do to non-reboot

    i know nexon dont care as long as the cashflow is up and that ... and that they will keep abuse that power of " we are the only official english maplestory you got no choice but to stay with us"

  • A little bug

    The real bug that lies today are his snake summons. They are not suppose to be immune to physical attacks. The immunity to physical attacks was supposed to be removed during the Unleashed Update about 7 years ago. I'm still surprised they still haven't fixed this.
  • FrenzyTotem NERF ¡¡

    Cerelex wrote: »
    delete all totems, refund the current owners, ez

    How the hell do you refund for something only available from gambling? Refund lucky dog only 2.6k Maple points from first pull from Philos and 500,000,000 Maple points for the one who was looking for a Breath of Divinity and got a 3rd frenzy instead? Also how about those where the totem is not in the possession of the person who rolled it (borrowing and someone who sold it on the Black Market.)

    We are better off re-releasing the totems back into Marvel and Philo. At least people will have very slight chance of tasting luxury. The people complaining are just those don't have one or have its inferior substitute. Imagine people requesting Lamborghinis to cease production because they are jelly that cannot afford a quarter million dollar car while current owners are free to keep to sell theirs to someone else for a higher price because of the low supply.

  • the lag attack

    I'm pretty sure its the bots. They came back. They attack the channel that has an elite mob in it and everyone else in that channel crashes.