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  • [AFTERLANDS] Have they fixed the Treasure Sack ?

    Hey guys, I eventually finished the quests, cant recall if I talked to the sack before or after breaking the wall but what worked for me is turning it to night (not sure this did anything) but most importantly making it rain. By making it rain you are able to slip the spear from the statues hand, but the statue throws it to the land of riches. Go back to the land of riches and talk to who you can, hopefully it works, it did for me. Remember, turn the rain on and go to the statue.
    Thanks for this, but still no dice on my end. Made it rain, turned the sky from night to day and back to night, went through the whole circuit of the Afterlands, but all the dialogue box gave me was that the statue looked ready to throw the spear at any moment. Maybe I'm supposed to sit here for a while before talking to the statue again?
  • (Another) Maple relationship map

    Evidence that I probably have too much time on my hands.

    WARNING: Huge file


    Making this was hella fun. This was also made in draw.io, introduced by Neospector in another thread. I tried to include as many things as possible while making the lines cross as little as possible to make it as easy to follow as I could make it, though sometimes it's unavoidable. If anyone has anything to add, go right ahead and tell me.
  • Returning player questions

    Fun is relative. I still find it fun after all these years, but some people have simply drifted away while others think it's just a grindfest. It depends.

    Community isn't fostered like it was before. Maple tires but it doesn't really work. It's rather deteriorated into skeptical people. Still, that's not to say there is no community whatsoever. It's just harder to find.

    Unfortunately, I don't play from Australia.
  • Afterlands stuck? (2 keys left)

    The heart key is from Silent Boy in Land of Innocence. I don't know the exact way to get it, but the way I got it was by switching to night and then breaking the Ludi-Block Fort, talking to him, completing the quest Midnight Thunder from Tina, and then talking to him again.

    After you plant the trees, you have to drop another Bleached Olive Tree on top until they're fully grown.

    As for the purple lock, I don't think I've opened that one yet. Are you talking about the lock on the bottommost part of the door?
  • Old Maplestory nostalgia?

    The only nostalgia I have is missing the sense of exploration that old maplestory had. You could be walking in a map and fall down and die in one hit from the way more powerful golems. Or take a wrong portal and end up in a map with mobs several levels higher than you (which was deadly back then before stats were inflated to heaven). Trying to find my way around, and trying to find/remember all the hidden portals in maps, even the ones that did nothing but teleport you from one side of the map to the other (especially those in fact).

    MS is missing that sense of exploration now because it was dumbed down to be more noob friendly. But even if it hadn't been dumbed down, that sense of exploration wouldn't have lasted this long anyway. I've gotten older, and I would have already discovered all of that by now, so it would no longer be a surprise.

    I miss it a lot, but bringing back old maplestory won't bring that same sense of exploration back with it. Best to let it stay as fond memories instead of trying to bring it back and having those memories of it ruined
    Yeah, I really missed those hidden portals. They were fun to find and even if other people might know about it, it's still like your little secret. There's a thrill to finding a Hidden Street on your own, which is why I hate how they practically highlight all the hidden spots. It's like Maple doesn't trust people to be able to find them, goodness knows why. This is also the reason why I hated when they changed Victoria Island. It used to feel a lot bigger (and taxis were actually useful), full of secrets and adventure.

    I think if they left it alone, it wouldn't have lost that sense of exploration though, even if you do grow older because it still gives a nostalgia factor and even if not, new players would be given that same thrill and it'd be one of the reasons to stick around. I remember the areas around Lith Harbor used to have a lot of Hidden Streets for newbs to stumble into and it's exciting, because it tells them that this is what they could expect for the rest of the game: adventure.