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  • Add SKIP button

    They literally have "Would you like to skip cutscenes" option already in root abyss quest. Just do that to all the quests that was already completed at least once in a character in an account.
  • 50% = 0%

    Jez wrote: »
    the probability of getting the same result that many times in a row on a coin flip is astronomically low, yet it is incredibly common for this to happen
    i refuse to believe that it is simply 50% there has to be other factors involved

    dont @ me, i dont like your responses ever
    i think i asked you not to respond to my threads quite a few times

    You're basically talking to an attention deprived brick wall. It's just healthier to ignore nx lawyers. It's absolutely hilarious how these kinds of people vehemently believe that nexon would never lie about enhancement chances despite statistical improbabilities AND Nexon having lied about scroll chances in the past. It's all just bad luck and rng. Just sheeps being sheeps.
  • Title anvil in reboot

    So fkin disappointed with this bs. I don't even want the extra Att/m.att +5 and 10% exp. I was just excited about not only changing the look of the tlte but also being able to customize the text, but noooooooooooooooooooooo. Nexon just HAD TO put those useless trash stats and end up making the custom title 30 days only. $35 for 30 day duration??? Fk off nexon. Just get rid of the garbage stats and make the title customization permanent. Ffs, we have anvils to change appearance of gears and medals permanently. Why not for Titles? A lot more people would buy the title customization if it was permanent, instead of 30 day duration with crap stats.
  • Don't worry Reboot people :)

    You'll have Bebe boxes to wipe your tears with over dmt failure xDDDDDDDDD
  • Fix Gollux

    1. Either give more coin reward for defeating hellux or reduce the cost of sup items. It is absolutely ridiculous that the price of sup gollux items were raised over 4 times fold and the difficulty of boss skyrocketed, but the coin reward remained exactly the same.

    2. Make hellux coin drops instanced. Right now, hellux is reserved for only those with very high stats to solo. Unless someone feels very generous, they'll never make party to do hellux with because only one person is gonna get the gollux coin reward. This game is already getting mocked constantly for being "soloplestory" and there's already not enough group/party contents as it is. Hellux party or carry was one of a few remaining group activities left in this game, and you've managed to get rid of it with the new change. Make coin rewards instanced, so that people can enjoy hellux together again.

    3. Add practice mode FFS. Not just gollux, but Ranmaru and other GMS bosses don't have practice mode. I know that coding is challenging and yada yada yada, but I refuse to believe that it is hard to replicate something that already exists in the game. You have practice mode for all the other bosses. How hard can it honestly be to do the same $hit to gollux and ranmaru?? Hellux's difficulty was raised to the level of cpap-lomien level, and there's only ONE try per day restriction as well. Why on God's green earth would you not have practice mode for it?