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  • New Gollux feedback

    I said this before and I will say it again. If ur underdeveloped brain thinks that current gollux set item/scroll prices and coin drops are fair and balanced, then u must want commerci denaro rewards to be changed as well. Yeah, let's change commerci to give 1-2 denaro/day as reward for completing both solo voyage and cpq, and make newbies grind daily for half a year to get one sw accessory. It is the realistic bis eye and face accessory after all, and god forbid we don't want players to get them at reasonable pace. And while at it, let's buff the living sh1t out of c. Pierre and vonbon, nerf the piece drop to 1 piece/clear and increase the piece required to make an item to 20. They give bis top and bottom, so we definitely don't want people to get that kind of item easily now do we?? All this is to make the game more balanced and better after all lol.
  • my world is gone

    Lol there was a world merge dude. You could've checked four servers to see where ur characters were. Instead, u r throwing a rage fit without even searching for ur character for 1 minute lol
  • We need more PIC passwords

    If a hacker can get past the PIC of the login screen, they can get past the same PIC of the storage. It's not like PIC for login and PIC for storage are different. There's simply no reason whatsoever to have PIC on the storage. It adds ABSOLUTE ZERO to the security of your account, and adds a whole lot of annoyance to a lot of players. It's absolutely reasonable and normal for people to express their complaints as it is a giant annoyance whenever you're transferring stuffs between different characters for enhancements from coin shop, legion shop and etc. Numerous threads about this just means a lot of people are pissed off about this. Telling people to calm down or saying that there's thread about this already is not a logical response. If you really want people to stop making threads about this, then make an actual argument on why this PIC on storage should exist. And saying "it only takes a few seconds, it's no big deal" is not an argument. People transfer stuff from storage multiple times in a row and having to input PIC on even larger keyboard UI every time you try to open the storage IS a big deal for in-game quality of life
  • Oh my lord jesus, what is this god awful trade-off

    Also another thing you can do if you don't want to spend any of your coins on your rank up mule/main character, you can always just get 840 coins via minigames on a legion mule and then buy the coupons and transfer them to your main via storage.

    lol no dude. I am gonna end up getting old gears with coins on my mules. Don't worry about it.
    I didn't make this post because I don't know how to get another set of dexless sin gears from coin shop. I made it to express how dumb it is to force this "transformation" of anniversary outfit without giving people an option to keep the dexless sin outfit or to get fish hat gears. It just makes sense to do so. People can choose which version of anniversary outfit they get for free as rank up gift, and those who want both can pick which one to spend extra coins to get them from the coin shop.
  • Oh my lord jesus, what is this god awful trade-off

    It does suck that it consumes all the previous 8bit cash equips to rank up to the final rank, but it only costs 840 coins to get em all back (if you buy them on a 30% off day), so its not a huge loss.

    eh~. I honestly wouldn't mind old look transforming into a new outfit in order to rank up to 5 star, if the new outfit didn't look so @ss tho. Seriously look at this $hit.

    xkhrFnK.png Ih57Ofl.png
    I wasn't kidding when I said it looks like it's got mario fish for a hat. It's just ridiculous when I pay 1000 coins to get to 5 star rank, the pre bigbang og dexless sin look MUST be transformed into the worst anniversary outfit. Why not give people an option to keep the old look or the fish head outfit? 840 coins is not a huge loss, but it's not a small amount either.