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  • Explain yourselves right now: Boss cubes

    And I see good ol crusty VFM Neo is still moving legit concerns to rants and raves. Nice~
  • Explain yourselves right now: Boss cubes

    "Cube and Rebirth Flame items that used to drop at a low rate from boss monsters have been removed as well. We'll be sure to provide you with a more appropriate experience when revamping the boss reward."

    Exactly how is cube rewards from boss monsters were considered "inappropriate" and what the hell do you mean by "more appropriate experience" for boss reward revamp???? More appropriate as in "yeah we don't want to give players good stuff and decided trashier drops were more appropriate" or are you actually going to improve and give better rewards? And is this boss reward revamp going to come with the patch tomorrow or is this something that is still "in progress"? If it is something "still in progress" then why would you delete cube rewards first before the reward revamp is even ready? Oh just suckle on your thumbs with boss rewards before we come back with boss reward revamp in 2025, is that what you devs are telling the players to do?? I legit cannot believe that after rigging the flames and cube potentials, the next thing they decide to do is delete cube rewards, and the only comment to address it is "we'll provide more appropriate experience when revamping the boss rewards." This is a huge deal for a lot of players and they just dump like this on the player base without giving any more details. This is the kind of that you need to address in your memos and specifically talk about why you're removing it and what alternative rewards systems devs are working on to replace it. Nexon, yet again, fails to deliver on their promise to be more transparent and be more communicative to the players.

    "We’re continuously working with internal teams to improve our communication."

    What an actual joke of internal team. Keep saying you're studying very hard while the report card is showing all F's.
    And what an absolute giant middle finger to add this to "Better Maple" section of the patch note. These devs are literally sociopaths
  • Just give us gender change CS item already

    Literally who gives a fine f&^%? Drag is ok but sex change isn't????
  • Where. Is. The. Cube. Rate?

    Where is it GMS? KMS released it and since yall are so dang eager to follow kms patches and changes, follow the cube rate release as well.
  • We better get same compensation as KMS

    korean maple story got back all of their rebirth flames and honor exp. AND they are getting 1000 arcane symbols, magnet pet, 3x exp coupon box ( which gives 20 of 15 min exp coupon every week for 5 weeks), decoration, 15 star arcane weapon, 15 star dominator, etc. GMS better get the EQUAL compensation.

    Very doubtful that they'll actually give us same compensation as KMS. Almost entire KMS playerbase was united in basically quitting the game, sending truck protests, setting their cash limit to $0, and gathered players' voices into 4 consecutive statements to send to nexon. And what does GMS have? Absolutely nothing. We're never gonna get united like KMS players. Just from the nexon discord, I saw so many people with pathetic lukewarm reactions and response to this situation in lines of "Oh I expected nexon to be like this," "eh I don't care, I just casual," or even worse, "they have right to do whatever they want since it's their game." KMS playerbase showed dedications that GMS can't even dream of doing.
    I certainly hope that GMS give the same compensation, since it's a god damn fact that they screwed over the playerbase for years. Even if it was for shorter period than KMS, it doesn't make them any less guiltier. So we definitely deserve same compensation as KMS. But knowing nexon and GMS, I highly doubt that they'll do the right thing.