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  • Don't not feel sad when maplestory closed shutdown

    Dude there have been people saying this game will be shut down, nexon will go out of business and yada yada yada for years and years. Guess what? This game is about to be 15 years old in GMS and 17 years old in KMS, and Nexon stock actually rose during this whole $hit crisis while pretty much everything else plummeted. As incompetent as the devs and supports are, this game ain't gonna die any time soon.
  • Reasons I will never ever ever buy a surprise box

    Yeah just don't buy cosmetic lootboxes. Just buy what u want from AH
  • Nexon allowing this hacking and banning regulars?

    FADR1 wrote: »
    How has Nexon done nothing to crack down on the hacking that is going on right now?
    If you have an account in Bera, hopefully with a HT Rock, go to Road to the Mine 1--it's one of the maps leading to the Verne Mine in Edelstein. Tell me, what do you see? Go through all 20 channels, what do you see? HACKERS. Flying all over the map and killing all of the mobs. Go to Verne Mine Shaft 2, what do you see on all 20 channels? That's right, hackers. Go to Ocean I.C., what do you see? Go to any of the maps around Leafre, WHAT DO YOU SEE?? Use all of your reports, nothing will happen.

    Now, you may have guessed that I have been banned. I was, and I wrote an appeal. I have a guess it was for picking up the same items as them, but I was completing a quest in the same map as them. I checked all of the channels, what am I supposed to do? Postpone the quest until they're gone? This problem has been going on for what seems to be about two months; resulting in many avid players being banned for being in the same map as them.

    Every single person in that list has the same common factor--being in the same map as hackers. And that's just from the first page of this sub.

    This was my ban appeal:

    I was banned while on the same map as hackers, even though I was not hacking. I made 5 reports of the hackers, but they are everywhere! Road to the Mine 1 on all channels--full of hackers. Verne Mine: Shaft 2 full of hackers on all channels. The first map leaving Orbis Tower to Aqua Road as well.

    I've been progressing the Resistance story line, I had to pick up items from the Big Spiders in Verne Mine: Shaft 2. Every single channel, from 1-20, is full of groups of hackers. I reported them, and I made a megaphone announcement to get the attention of the GM's. I have been playing the game for almost a decade; I do NOT hack. If I accidentally picked up some of their items, I apologize, but I was in no way attempting to hack or profit from the hackers. I have enough mesos, why would I need some measly spider antennas? I was picking up the required quest item, again I apologize if I picked up some of their loot. I tried my best to avoid them, but they dominate every. single. channel. It took me almost 20 minutes and 10+ channel switches to get what I needed because of them.

    Please unban my account, I'll stay out of any maps with hackers in the future.

    Who knows what it will do. Or this thread even. I have been playing on my account for almost 10 years, at no point have I ever used a 3rd party software to exploit the game. During that time, I must have made hundreds of user reports for hacking. That holds no merit or factors into who is banned? I have no track record of ever exploiting before, that has no say in the matter?
    I love this game, and I hope they unban me. It's been a large chunk of my video game life and it would be devastating to be banned. If this thread does nothing, I think it's worth getting the word out that either (A) Nexon knows of this continual, systematic hacking and they are choosing to do nothing about it, while genuine players who spend legitimate money on this game are banned; or (B) Nexon is complicit with the hacking. I remember playing back in the old-school, Wizet-ran Maplestory when, if you reported a hacker, they were banned in minutes. Now, nothing seems to be done.

    Funny thing is that they can pretty much tell your character isn't hacking by seeing your ign isn't some random gibberish like diasihgihdsighai or 1kjdaihighia. Do they care? No. Are they gonna do anything? No. Just take this as a gift from God himself and walk away from this game. Seriously, they don't care if you hacked or not. The system showed you were in the same map as hacker. Now, they can spend a little bit extra effort to investigate slightly deeper to see if you were the hacker or not. But do they care enough about you to do that? Absolutely fkin not. The system says hacker was in this map, you were also in the map, boom you violated the terms and condition, go read the rule book kid, good bye, the end. That's pretty much how it goes for people who've been unfairly banned. Go play other game where devs actually give a $hit

    GMs: Nah no thanks. Too much work
  • OHH maw gawd~ start the coin shop already

    Who's actually enjoying this weeb event? Sure there are cool stuffs in cash shop and some daily to get temp totem. But who gives an actual fk about em if you're a normal person who doesn't spend too much rl $$$ on stuffs like that? And why is this kind of minor crap event taking up a whole two week by itself?? People already suffered through god awful mechanical heart and extravagameza for a month. Why not just start full moon coin shop with the cross over event? Just get rid of bs temp totem daily and release cs outfit boxes only? Weebs and people who are into collecting and buying one time only items will still buy them anyway.