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A young maiden travelling Maple World with my dear twin zeroes.
  • Improvement idea for monster collection

    Can the King Castle Golem, Giant Golem, and Blackheart Negative please have their star difficulty changed so they count as actual boss monsters?
  • Timely Threads Shop criticism

    It's so unfair how it includes never-released-before outfits (and old nx) that expire after 7 days. I was so excited to see the list of items, but my spirits sunk immediately after seeing that I won't be able to permanently keep and share them between different classes in the future.
    I main a zero and I've been waiting years for the release of Orange Day for my explorer - who collects dust 300+ days a year. I know it probably sounds pointless to dress up a rarely played mule, but satisfaction comes from having a permanent version hanging in my maple wardrobe until I'm ready to use it.

    Personally, I don't like bringing up income and how a company is missing out on gathering money from the playerbase; it feels cringeworthy and unprofessional, like us holding out a dangling carrot and telling Nexon to fetch. This should be discussed internally within the business on how to hook more customers in while still maintaining a modest image. But like other previous sales they’ve invented, this one isn’t fair either.

    Nexon is ignoring so many scopes of players with this shop and only focusing on those who change their outfit daily. What about the people who plan designs for all their characters; those who change classes frequently; the long-term players who outlive temporary items; and even the casuals who won't even get to enjoy their 30-day subscription; etc??

    Who knowns when or IF the item we want will ever be released again.
  • Add Improved MapleStory Taiwan "Item Dyes" to GMS

    I know my comment is late, but this feature would be so exciting! There are certain outfits I really like the shape of - but not the colour - so tweaking them would open a lot of clothes to mix and match with. This could make unpopular outfits desirable and even get people to buy multiple copies of an item so they can easily switch the colour. Players will also be able to twin the same style but stand out with a new colour.


    However, this would best work on outfits that come in a single colour by itself, with white, or with black.
    There is the worry that the hue slider won't meet expectations since the brightness, saturation, contrast, and warmth/coolness can't be changed, as well as individual parts of an outfit. I don't know if such adjustments are even possible... For e.g. you can't change a pastel green outfit into a rich olive green. Changing the hue has a chance to severely reduce the quality of an outfit and there can also be problems with blending the cell-shading with the main colour. E.g. I would prefer blue shading on my outfit compared to a purple aura.


    The ideal would be if Nexon allowed players to edit/recolour outfits themselves (possibly even frame-by-frame). This does sound like a lot of work, but there are people who would be willing to put in the time to get their outfits perfect. Then again, who knows how the game will break from such an addition? And if you implement the dye system from TMS but later decide to improve it, what do you do with those who already used it?

    Nevertheless, I really want this feature.

    P.S. I'm jealous of all the CMS player designs making it into the game.
  • bring back perm pet equips in cash shop

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    We need perm-pets again first tbh

    THIS ^
    What on earth happened to them??
  • Hair/eye extraction coupon

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    This could be a neat idea, but they'd never do it. It would pretty much open up a method in which to get the nice royals in one shot, without having to give nexon like three bucks a roll.

    The 3.3k nx 'rolls' aren't going to be affected. This system is just to transfer the styles you already paid for to another character (having them fully tradable would be a dream though).