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  • Is Paladin's Parashock Guard worthwhile for solo?

    While grinding, monsters will hit for 1 damage as long as you have enough Arcane Force
    While bossing, attacks will hit you for a percentage of your health making defense practically useless in all available content
    I personally always have it active

    Paladin best class!

  • Nerfed Events

    Probably because MSEA events are sometimes absolutely gamebreaking.
    In its current state it's still an incredible event. Keep in mind this is merely a bonus event between big updates on a server that has Reboot, Kanna, totems, familiars and a lot of easy-to-get progression items not present in the "pure" version of the game.
  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    We are experiencing a higher volume of players than anticipated for the event. .

    I'd rather be lied to than this be true
    There's no way Nexon can be THIS disconnected from the game and the community.
    Players plan their progression with this event in mind, ready to wait six months for one.

    Can we at least get an explanation for the limitation on cube packages and the one hour format?
    Don't we deserve to be told we will get a proper compensation?
  • Mesos Gain

    I assume your <400m a day doesn't include grinding on any character beside doing dailies
    KMS players farm mesos through boss crystals on multiple characters. Actually a bunch of GMS players too
    A lvl 200-210 mule can clear daily Normal Ark, NMag, Hard Ranmaru and weekly HHilla, possibly Czak for200m/week and takes 5 minutes a day. You also get tons of flames and cubes.
    Ursus + Maple Tour + grinding should be enough mesos for anyone but the top 1% of players. You can easily reach the point where you do Lucid parties without ever farming on a Kanna
    10h of Legion mesos buffs a week and 34h of Totems a month (more if you have access to another computer) allows you to farm on your main while having a lot more fun and getting meaningful exp.
    I don't think the standard Maple experience should be to expect 2b a day everyday.
  • FrenzyTotem NERF ¡¡

    Frenzy Totem doubles the kill per minute on many maps compared to pre-nerf Kishin. The difference will be even bigger now thanks to spawn rate alone but there's also the up-time issue.
    Players with a Frenzy Totem also have access to good gears and EXP coupons so the argument isn't exactly relevent.
    In fact, let me take that back. Frenzy Totems users benefit more from EXP coupons since they can kill three to four times the ammount of monsters before the coupons expire and since those are [to some extent] limited in quantity it means you get more from playing 30 minutes with a Frenzy Totem than 2 hours without one while also using 1/4 the coupons, potions and other limited buffs. It gets exponentially worse during 2x events
    I do not share your opinion that the limited amount of Frenzy Totems mean it's not an issue. Especially then they can sell their service and farm/train at 3-4x the base rates.