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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • 46 character slots?

    I confirmed with Arwoo it's not a typo ! AT LAST
  • Nexon America

    Communication is getting worse ..
  • Frustrated about the state of the game

    Now we have a pop up that comes up every single time you open the launcher no matter what.. and also it takes you to all games every single time.. It just gets worse logging in.

    Why can't it just remember the last region AN ACCOUNT logged in instead of being PC based. The change region button crashes the game so much and it's annoying swapping all the time.. I have 0 reason to log in my NA account using my EU one as I have no chars there.

    Some classes have ultra small inventories compared with other classes. Didn't classes used to get bigger inventories on job advancement? That doesn't seem to be a thing anymore. It's like my new characters don't have the same inventory size as my older ones. Especially with tots no longer giving out that free equip tab upgrade. In addition I feel like the storage is way to small. It would be good if we had a material storage or something .Tabs for each time of item maybe?

    The fact some quests can't be taken at a higher level like curbrocks revenge (Some of my characters don't have 4 rings yet)

    Frenzy Totem has been implemented into the game, but it doesn't affect how relevant Kanna is to the game. Only an extreme minority of people even possess those totems. To list:
    - Kanna has good damage
    - Multiple passive buffs to help with survivability (%DmgReduction and StatusResist, Lifesteal from killing mobs)
    - Nice link skill (one of the better ones)
    - Lots of AOE
    - Insane party buffs (% Boss, %DmgReduction)
    - (Saves money on potions)
    - Kishin and more.

    It's probably one of the more "overloaded" classes that do not require any buffs, nor nerfs.

    Also, stop spamming and bumping your own post please.

    Lel kanna got nerfed hard as hell last year,
    Her most important buff got grounded so hard you can't even boss normal.
    She had no decent bossing skill, her actual bossing skill has so low skill damage.

    She's a little weaker bossing, but it's not that significant. As I said, Kanna is already overloaded, and buffing her is asking for the best of every world. Unless you'd like to take away everything she already has to add more damage, then sure I guess. Especially in non-reboot worlds, she still has potential to dish out a ton of damage

    lol please a little?
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    KThxBaiNao wrote: »
    Peep wrote: »
    So when are we actually going to get some answers on this? It has been in "discussion" for years now. It's simple. Give us a yes or no answer. Yes it will be added sometime in the future or no we don't plan to ever add this to the game.

    You guys have gotten several answers regarding this over the last couple years.

    Source: Gave some of those answers.

    Yeah nothing answers, we need an answer of them saying yes we will implement them because at this point with the current damage cap it would throw a bone to the people who don't empty their bank accounts on the game or spend their whole life meso farming on Reboot

    It's totally unfair on NA region as the EU region has flamed gear floating about as well as nebulite gear. Adding AO would help alleviate pay to win on regular servers and lessen the strain on Reboot. The nebulite system is totally stupid and pay to win . Where AO /Flames has no pay to win elements at least from what I know.