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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • Jett's Skill Mastery Broken. :(

    I am on my Jett in Reboot and I can't seem to get 4th job. I go in the spaceship and no quests available, when I click job advancement quest it says "you can not use this here" I've tried ccing and various different maps.
  • Kerning Square?

    Kerning Square is coming back as Kerning Tower in our next patch after the one today. They removed them to revamp them. KMS is working on revamping Omega Sector.
  • 5th Job Complaint

    I just don't understand any logical reason for it to take time when they make every other one so easy...
  • Recent Content Feedback

    Hey Maplers!

    We are very curious how you felt about our Halloween and other recently added content, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could answer the following questions :)

    • What are your favorite parts of MapleStory’s last few content updates (For example: QoL changes, class rebalancing, Haunted Mansion, Secret Stories, Afterlands or MMF)?
    • Do you enjoy story-driven content like Heroes of Maple and Secret Stories? If so, what are your thoughts on our newest story content?
    • To you as a player, what is MapleStory’s biggest draw?
    • What are your expectations for the quality of MapleStory’s localization?
    • Does the localization of recent content fall short of, meet, or exceed those expectations?
    • In recent updates, what do you feel we have handled well?
    • What could we have handled better?

    Thank you very much!
    Class "rebalancing" Angelic Buster seems ridiculously weak from what I have found, new sound effects are nice. QOL changes are great I was just disappointed a bit that the party play areas are only for lower levels. I want to see more party quest incentives and making PQing one of the best ways to level up like it used to be. Maybe give reward points for pqing and bossing together or other nice rewards. MMF I didn't have time to do way to many events at the same time...

    Removing star planet like removing any content is negative.

    The chat filter is still bad

    Wedding system seems silly to be an NX based thing

    Fishing is pretty bland . I love monster collection although the whole rng factor and not being in level range makes it harder seems silly....

    I really enjoyed secret stories (although it still has a few grammar issues) and the haunted mansion quest lines. Not had the chance to try Afterlands out yet though. The mushroom shrine story kind of bored me a little and I find Tengu frustrating to beat I feel I am getting input delay of some kind? (I still haven't beaten it)

    The biggest draw is the combat and the storyline content for me as well as the vast amount of classes to play and interesting bosses.

    My expectations on the quality of localization are they will never be perfect because they rarely are.

    Localization is mostly fine but it's not perfect like I said above

    The forums and new site and presentation of the patch previews.

    What could you have handled better?The new patch notes are frustrating go back to detailed ones.... and stop ninja nerfing things like reward points from monster collection and the rune changes..... what reason is there for them to not even spawn in lower maps? If I am a 18x Beast Tamer surely what's wrong with them spawning in mutant snails for instance? Also you made 0 notification about this on patch notes.. Better communication, more resources in bug fixing.

    You also removed Mr Lee and he doesn't even cause lag we have mentioned which npcs lag and why they lag the event hall.

    Also adding the captcha system from KMS on new chars might help with bots. I feel we should get additional options and content from EMS and also stuff we are missing like the auction house (its not bugged....) Hekaton we need ! it's another party play boss . We also need closed off content like crimsonwood pq and haunted mansion back (maybe as a high level theme dungeon?
  • Schedule Maintenance for November 3th.

    No fix for runes....