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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • Can we please do something about drop rate?

    Sherri wrote: »
    Sheesh. Nexon has been making tons of terrible choices lately, haven't they?

    They have since Ascension to be honest.. just the ones in more recent times have been more negative. Well since Unleashed they have been pretty bad. The removal of party play areas was the main start of things really. Which was when many people quit from Unleashed onwards.
  • Frustrated about the state of the game

    I really enjoy playing this game but.. the current state of the game is really depressing. I am going to lay out my frustrations and I am sure many other people feel the same way.


    It didn't run that great on my old pc due to the poor optimization of the game in it's current state ( It never used to be this bad) Now even on my new pc the game can regularly crash/freeze/ error out. I spent a bunch on my new pc and can't believe how frequent this can happen. Quite often it happens when entering my pic which would never happen in KMS. I have 32 GB of ram how on earth does the game freeze ,crash and error so much... my other components are top spec to. I would never freeze at character select on Korean MapleStory. Mainly due to the fact that they don't force users to use the Nexon Launcher...

    Also if you sit on the region select, server select or channel select screen for to long , when you eventually log in it will say "having trouble logging in?" and then you have to reset the game to get in. Again this isn't a problem which happens in KMS.

    Nexon Launcher
    So I was playing fine today when all of a sudden my house lost power, so my pc boots up again and I run the nexon launcher as usual to get back in game. For some reason it's now asking me to redownload the entire game again. When it does it just creates a duplicate of the appdata folder. I have had countless issues with having to redownload the game since game launcher was removed and Nexon Launcher was introduced..

    Region change - Your Region Selection settings are remembered by the client so that you do not have to select a region every time you log in. > I still have to click Europe or North America at the region selection every time

    I logged in my EU account it landed me in NA
    I logged in my NA account it landed me in EU today
    I always do my EU account first then my NA dailies

    I want the client to remember the last region I logged out of on my ACCOUNT . Your account should remember the last region you used not the client.. I don't want to keep changing region every time I log in. This feature in it's current implementation state has just increased the time of logging in (Especially if it crashes) Region changing has a high chance that the game might crash freeze or error. Heck I don't see why we even need two different regions , just have one server select screen and separate the servers between Europe and NA on that screen..

    The amount of maintenance's/what gets fixed in them
    Sure the small bugs need fixing but you have much more important bugs that need fixing. Also I think you could do less maintenance's at times. Unless you have a critical thing which needs fixing save all the small fixes for one maintenance.

    At times we have way to many events going on at the same time..

    Annoying bugs

    Today my game froze and I lost my Sunday hot time thus I missed out on on the bonus reward as well as the Sunday reward. As the bonus screen popped up my game froze and when I went back in game poof .

    Channel change - The amount of times it takes to change channels at times , Sometimes you have to try like 3 times (In KMS it will always happen first time)

    Item dropping - In GMS, unless you drop your items below your inventory window it might not be instant. Whereas in KMS you can drop items to the left and right of the inventory and it will always be instant.

    Buffs not casting- I was grinding away on my Blaster today and I was trying to cast a buff ( I was on a rune) I had to cast the buff, I tried multiple times but it wouldn't work until I went in and out of the cash shop.

    Zakum bugged deaths-I was fighting zakum on my DB the arms all died died and the fire was still going for a bit and i died twice. This was the first time this happened in all the times killing Zakum. I stayed dead for a bit and eventually the fire went away. Pretty frustrating as I was on an exp coupon

    Cross world party quest - Cross world pq is buggy, you have different instances and it's only supposed to have one ( I checked it out in KMS) Plus the portal takes you to a completely random one and you can't change inside. So it's hard getting to your party to do the PQ.

    "Many UI screens are modified so that the game remembers where you placed the UI windows and whether they are On/Off/Expanded/Minimized.!" it still doesn't remember the location...

    Report function not working anymore..

    Dropping of quest items when you aren't doing a quest and also Ludibrium still drops low level gear from when it was a low level area..

    Reboot- The drop tables STILL don't drop class specific items

    The fact that the client minimize button doesn't even work

    Recommend world screen can bug out and you can still see it in game until you reset the client because it's not close-able at times

    Old tots trial items are stuck in characters inventories as you have removed the quest without removing the items..

    Quest helper keeps minimizing itself

    Random errors that crash the game (One can happen on accepting a boss queue)

    Familiars not spawning

    Ninja nerfs
    Monster collection no longer gives mesos from the boxes.. what harm is giving us a little bit of meso? also the reward point amount was nerfed... KMS can gain reward points from killing Elite Bosses.. Also the fact that they used to give meister cubes but now all we get is occult ones.. which can't even tier up past epic if I am not wrong

    Botters/Gold sellers

    Anti hack doing nothing but harming legitimate players
    The anti hack is pretty much useless you know.... real hackers never get dced yet me playing legit on certain class like Beast Tamer, and Jett get dced due to hack reason which is completely wrong -_-
    What's the point having a report function if I report all these botters yet none get banned?
    Anti hack needs improving, and report function might as well be removed as it doesn't work currently.. and when it was working it didn't do anything in stopping botters
    The rune changes have done nothing in stopping botters so it's basically it's just an annoying change again for legit players.
    someone smega phoning gold selling websites in luna constantly and can't report /block them at all
    Might be an idea of adding what they say in the chat filter.

    Class specific issues
    I was trying to level my Blaze Wizard earlier , initially I was having a hard time staying online. After awhile it normalized and I could stay on and grind but then it happened again and then I gave up. Blazing Extinction seems to be at fault for this. Upon logging in if you use the skill to quickly without being online for a time you will disconnect. I went afk for about 30 minutes and after I came back the skill didn't disconnect me. Although i did hand in the dark ring master quest , could be connected somehow?

    Now I have not been playing Kanna lately but the auto banning on legit players is ridiculous

    Removal of content -
    Why was Maple Runner even removed?

    Lack of certain KMS /EMS features and content - Fairy bros, Additional options,Hekaton, Guild announcement feature ,
    KMS- They still have a game launcher which runs SO MUCH BETTER than the nexon launcher
    Fairy bros - An incentive of logging in daily!
    Additional options at this point you have no reason not to have it with the current damage cap.. throw the unfunded players a bone as getting good nebulites are really difficult for the average player
    Higher star force which pretty much every other region has
    Elite bosses give reward points, Why shouldn't they in GMS?

    EMS -Exclusive content which was removed as well as events which don't happen anymore . Veracent for example was a great area for playing with friends! Plus all the exclusive events . I hope to see them come in 2018

    Lack of communication
    Arwoo seems to be the only one who really talks with us .. and he doesn't even talk on the forums daily. The whole MapleStory team should communicate more with us (Everyone who works on the game be they in America or Korea whatever country) They should all talk to us regularly and listen and start implementing what we want. We are the ones playing the game ..... It's clear that quite a bit of the MapleStory team don't play the game/ play it much. (Which they should)

    Lack of listening to the community
    Many players express the disgust in things but you don't care you don't revert negative changes or you don't listen when we say we don't want those negative changes.

    Negative changes

    Jett < Mobility nerf and FMA nerf. I can't understand why you nerfed both the mobility and the full map attack. Give Jett back one of those things , make it a unique experience.

    Kanna nerf ,buff ,nerf,buff nerf...... the recent one which killed kanna completely was a joke. I don't main a kanna or even use kanna buffs but what the hell? The damage cap is SO HIGH what does it even matter? At least let them keep the self buff.

    Nerfing in general. It's not needed , the game has no PVP just buff up all classes up to the same level

    Drop rate nerf - Ok I don't have much drop rate gear barely any in fact so the change doesn't DIRECTLY effect me but if i party with someone at a boss it can do. Quite often my friend just lets me take all the drops.

    The Ascension drop rate system where you can't get items at lower level maps if you aren't in level range.... Why is this even still here? Nothing is valuable in lower level maps now.

    Root abyss change - Let players wait outside , such a petty change

    Stop with the negative changes in the game I pray you don't nerf boss entrance like in KMS. As GMS bosses are a source of exp whereas in KMS they give barely any in comparison. GMS in a way is supposed to be less of a grind fest. KMS never has 2x exp events for instance, they don't have things like Frenzy Totem, Kishin and Firestarter rings.

    Reward shop

    No bonus pot scrolls, no regular pot scrolls, no nebulite fusion tickets. Add more in the reward shop basically but mainly those 3.

    Frenzy Totem ,Firestarter ring
    These should be available without paying money somehow

    Reported bugs not being fixed years later
    Tespia bugs not getting fixed - So many bugs have been reported yet we haven't heard anything on the subject

    Single player feeling- It mostly feels like a single player game these days, partying needs to be the best way to level up like it was in the old days. Buff up party quests, remove the entry limits and bring back the mmo aspect of MapleStory. Make some end game party play training areas , Veracent from EMS maybe? Make everything better done in a party! Bossing and Training.

    Things which are looked at /changed but the point is completely ignored
    The maplestory team looked at my thread on region changing, made a change but they missed the point completely

    Lack of character slots

    Having the limit of character slots which KMS has just isn't enough. I want to be able to have one of every character class in a world + some challenge characters like making a perma beginner! perma citizen ect ect .+ some mules maybe.

    Small buddy list
    Why is it still so small?

    Tradability of items
    Some of the old items are so out of date . Why not let us trade more things like zakum helmets ect.?

    5th job
    Another one for me is 5th job . I know not everyone feels the same way but even in the current state in KMS I feel it's pretty terrible. For a game with this many classes the grind in getting 5th job skills is pretty ridiculous. I want to experience all classes 5th jobs before deciding on a main character and just doing the quest in the world tree area is ridiculous if you are doing the quest fresh at level 200 and you don't have dark sight or really high defense.. I know the game is a grinder but getting 5th job skills shouldn't be this bad . I think upon completing 5th job you should unlock all the skills and then you would have to level them up through farming. We should be able to experience all the skills straight away.

    Make quests more relevant , make them give better exp,mesos and better reason of doing them.

    Crimsonwood keep party quest
    It's still gone.. will it ever come back?

    Expiring items
    Why do so many items expire? I can understand certain object expiring but so many shouldn't. In my opinion stuff like chairs and mounts shouldn't have time limitations as well drop and exp coupons which are in the use tab. As well as some other items.

    Game population

    Frustrated by the current world population which seems to be declining all the time but I am not surprised with the current state of the game. It's been in decline since the end game party play training area removal.

    I think the GMS team should go give Korean MapleStory a try and see how smooth it is.. even on low end computers it runs like a dream in comparison with GMS. Much less frustrating to play. Sure KMS isn't perfect in this area, it can still crash ,freeze and error in the same way . However it's far less frequent . It's a rare occurrence because of the fact they don't force Nexon Launcher.

    But if most of/ all the above was fixed then I am sure the population would rise and so would the games profits..

    #saveMaplestory #makemaplegreatagain #bringbackgamelauncher #fixmaplestory
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    Well you can get some indication from people playing on steam http://steamcharts.com/app/216150
  • New Marvel Ring

    Oh look another pay to win item in the pay to win machine. Those are my thoughts.
  • New Mage!!!

    When you glide around you have a pretty good chance of dcing also which is prettying annoying, it's not so weak when you hit 3rd job . Hopefully they fix the dcing/crashing on it before it comes over here.