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  • Arcane River acces for Permanent Beginners

    What would you even do with Arcane River content? Assuming the tiny portion of the community that has perma-beginners even gets that far, what can you even do there, AFK? Certainly not bosses.
  • How Maplestory should be fixed to be fun but fair

    Petalmagic covered a lot of the issues with your ideas. Reboot is like the single-player campaign version of Maplestory in that you trade the pay-to-win aspect for a time sink. Your progression is essentially gated by the amount of time you spend in the game instead of the money you have in your wallet.
  • Maple Culture

    1. Hacks have always existed for every game in existence. That's what happens when you have a multiplayer game and people decide to profit off of others' desires to progress.
    2. Duping is the same. Always existed.
    3. No one is hypersensitive. People just don't like you and the ideas you bring because for some reason you think that your ideas speak "for the community" but, judging from comments in-game, reddit, forum and the discord, no one agrees with most of what you have to say.
    4. You're one of those "old maple was better people." If that's what you think then you might as well give up. No one reverts progress.
    5. You can't fix culture. That develops over time.
    6. MLK, Malcolm X, and any other historical figure has done some real good work. Maplestory does not equate to human rights wtf.
    7. ShadEight is right.
    8. Stop trying to be a VFM or hold any position of power here when you can't format text properly, ramble and have trouble speaking understandable English due to speaking in hyperbole all the time.
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  • Fencer Class

    Interesting idea, but there are already too many warriors/sword classes in general. There's also the issue of where to attribute it. Cygnus Knights, explorers and resistance are full and all the heroes of Maplestory have already been revealed.

    Not to mention Phantom's Mille looks like a rapid fencing motion already.
  • I want the Old school equips in reboot

    DKhanjar was always a paid item (gach) so I doubt they'd bother changing any drop tables just for that.