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  • Ideas for next Crossover event

    Those first three options don't fit the aesthetic of the game at all. Most people won't even know the first one.

    IIRC all the anime crossovers thus far were handled by JMS and ported to GMS.

    Crossovers are tricky since rights and revenue need to be worked out. It's not like GMS can implement whatever it wants.
  • Fix Dark Knight and Paladin hyper skill upgrades

    Absolutely not. Final pact buffs are fine as they are. There is no need to remove the buffs for Dark Knight's primary bossing skill + fallback (as final pact and gungnir are linked) in place of Dark Impale. That's buffed by V nodes anyway.
  • Anyone know when Zero will be out again?

    IIRC, Reboot locked out Zero because of its ability to progress to 180 via it's own story quest and the starting lvl 100 weapon (which in itself is not all that great BUT) that can level up on its own by completing the story line, thereby giving you an endgame level weapon for doing nothing. Since Reboot's progression also makes it so that partying up and playing together highly advantageous, having Zero reach endgame gear on its own (with it's own gear shop to boot) probably made it ineligible for creation.

    I could be wrong, and sure, some of these could be circumvented/not really matter to some people, but it doesn't look like Nexon Korea is gonna change anything anytime soon.
    The leveling is now a joke for all classes so I don't think it's the problem... It's more the weapon system or like you said, the gain of endgame gear. But, let's be honest, they Just don't wanna put the effort to change what 'could' be wrong to bring Zero in Reboot... And the fact that korea don't have Zero in Reboot means nothing because Reboot in Korea is dead so...

    Again, it's not the leveling to 180 that's the problem. It's doing it alone when Reboot was essentially supposed to be our "replacement" for pre-BB in terms of progression/party play. Second, it does matter that Korea doesn't have Zero in KMS Reboot because everyone forgets that Nexon America is a publisher NOT the developer. Nexon Korea (and subsequently Wizet, which was bought out by Nexon Korea) deveolps the game and those major updates are translated and pushed out in different regions. But, I'm sure if they really wanted to, they could redo Zero to make it compatible with Reboot.
  • 5X rewards for MVP users is SO unfair, nexon

    *F2P Player* (Whether my opinion makes you believe me or not)

    Are people who spend money in the game more "dedicated" players? No, perhaps not. But these players dropping hundreds of dollars (or more, who knows) DO fund Nexon's (and therefore Maplestory's) bottom line. Saying these people don't deserve something a little extra is a bit much. Don't majority shareholders in companies get a say in how the company moves forward? Don't people who invest in publicly traded stocks get money in dividends even if they don't buy a single item from the store?

    F2P players ABSOLUTELY have a voice and a right to complain because we get hit by changes and bugs the hardest, as we can't pay our way through them.
    But whether those people buy it to show off or to support the game, it still supports the game. On top of that, if they don't play regularly it's not like they'll care too much for the extra gift anyway. I'm happy we even got the daily gift implemented in the first place.
  • Illegal Maplestory Servers

    I'd like to see a source for where there are more people online on a private server than the actual game at any one time. People running on Steam alone average at around 1500~ over an extended period and speaks between 3-4k players. That's not including people who still play on launcher (dunno if it's a significant number).

    Aside from that, cease and desist letters aren't a simple "hey, stop that or we'll sue" email. An official letter is long, heavily worded, and pretty much lists every infraction they're asking you to stop doing. That kind of effort won't really be taken by Nexon for every single server out there unless it heavily impacts their profit margin which, in all honesty, probably won't grow even if those servers are shut down.

    It's a lot of time, effort and money that goes into a legal notice and I assume that Nexon isn't too worried about it right now or wherever the servers are hosted aren't breaking laws in that country (if hosted offshore).

    EDIT: Although many of them are likely bots.