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  • Free up inactive names?

    LittleTLK wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    I think this is a great idea. Especially since it was mentioned in the past to make it a yearly thing. Also, the hackers/botters really ruin it by creating igns that will possibly get banned. But I don't think they reset banned IGNs so idk how that would work.

    Actually they don't.
    This was a big issue with the cleaning they did do: banned accounts did not have their IGNs released.
    If we still had access to the old forums I could dig up the exact rationale Artasi gave, but from what I recall it had something to do with not getting legits mistaken for hackers.

    That's exactly why.
    We don't need a 000f running around again.

    Yeah but eventually it'll become an issue... it's not like new words are invented everyday. And eventually new players will be forced to make IGNs like this
    xx420<insert desired ign here>420xx
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    You guys are all missing the point and it's a shame. Yea, we all know these people aren't completely innocent but it's quite sad how the attention shifted away from the hackers, exploiters, and dupers and stuck on the banned 'pros'. Whether it's because you guys are jealous, intolerable to mistakes, or simply ignorant, almost everyone here is condemning the people who got banned for getting into this situation, when the blame should be placed on the exploiters who made all of this happen. Hackers continue to run rampant and ruin this game but I'm glad we can all sit here and judge these people who got banned.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    I'm not condoning purchasing illegit items. And I'm sure some of those banned knew these items were obtained illegitimately, however, don't you guys think it's somewhat unfair to permanently ban them without a warning or a way to get their account back when actual hackers usually get away with hacking and sometimes even get unbanned? Hackers only cheat and damage the game while these 'pros' at least dump their money into Nexon's pocket. Seems quite redundant to cut off the hand that feeds you.

    Soooo: Hackers hack an item and sell to pros(who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on this game), then nexon bans the pros and keeps the hackers so they can continue this cycle. Seems legit
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    So let me see if I am understanding this correctly.

    There have been reports of hackers/exploiters abusing the Arcane Symbols exploit(this is the exploit that gives cheaters lv 15 symbols) and also about the Hacked skills(allows you to use any skill/buff to increase you range extremely high). This began like 1-2 months ago? So instead of pursuing the people who CAUSED the Arcane Weapons to be released in the first place, Nexon instead went after the people who bought the weapons? This makes absolutely NO sense to me.

    I feel bad for anyone who got banned due to Nexon's incompetence.
  • Remove Elites

    Unless you want the same result reaction of Star Planet, Choco Event, or BFF Event along with possibly benefiting from a removal by jacking up the prices of Elite drops, as assumed what you've done with a Nebulite rate reduction in a past thread on the old forums which are no longer available.

    Bringing up the nebulite ISSUE which was actually being extremely abused at the time is just a way for you to once again make a mockery out of my thread posts or derail people from the actual issue at hand. That was almost a year ago, man and actually WAS a significant problem no matter how offended you were by it being changed though my awareness and feedback.
    First off kyle, I remember that thread as well. And it was NOT being "extremely abused" it was quite the opposite. The only people who benefitted from them were hackers. If you seriously think that legit players were getting even a decent amount of nebs(don't even get me started with B nebs) then you were either 1) hacking or 2) benefitting from illegit neb/nebulite boxes. There was just no way and i called you out last time and I will call you out again now. You've been gone from the forums for a while and now you're back trying to get nebs nerfed yet again. Something tells me you haven't even been playing maple if you really think their drop rate still needs to be nerfed.

    And the problem isn't the elite system, it's the hackers. Do not tempt nexon to remove the elite system because they might actually do it since they barely play this game and probably wouldn't know the impact it will have on the game.