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  • Old Event Item Removal

    You'd have better luck sending in a ticket about it, asking for the items to be removed.
  • Very frequent disconnection & crashes

    If you've done it numerous times and it keeps finding three files it needs to download to fix things, yet it keeps crashing, I would almost want to suggest fully reinstalling the game to see if that helps.
  • I will not post on these forums ever again

    You missed the mark on pretty much all counts. I don't go out of my way to be against anything, all I did with your thread was voice my opinion that it seems to be a non-issue.

    And please don't use this reply as proof that I'm sitting here constantly looking for your posts(or anyone else's for that matter) to reply to and be contradictory toward. If you make a thread that's directed at a specific person, even a thinly-veiled one such as this, then you shouldn't be shocked or feel put upon when that person responds.
  • delete plz, thread hijacked

    iArrowZ wrote: »
    Jez wrote: »
    is it some kind of sick fetish of yours to just go around the forum and be against anything anyone posts? why do you do this? practicing for debate club? i am not the only one who has noticed this.

    my suggestion is a good suggestion and can save players new to the familiar system some pain

    and to most players who arent super funded accidentally using 5 extra familiars with a total value of 100mil on the auction house is a significant pain

    listen if you are doing a badge.

    put it in the moment you get the first familiar.... which is exactly what i did?

    so why are you waiting for multiple to drop before....

    right you don't pay attention...
    badges are quite annoying and spending EXTRA time hunting mobs i had already completed is a huge waste of time. (and most of them besides the bosses which drop so infrequently its highly unlikely you farmed multiple before putting yours in for a badge)
    so your method of not paying attention is actually counterproductive.. since u claim to be doing it for badges. but then..

    and if you have multiple familars that are 100m+ casually. i am quite curious if you are botting cus there is no "casual" familiar that drops that frequently and costs that much AND you are paying so little attention that you "accidently" put in all of them due to my previous reasoning.

    So you can see how I see this? That they're arguing in favor of something that, given how the system presently works, will practically never be an issue anyone faces.
  • Forum login

    I'd really like to smack whatever backend monkey decided to make it so you're logged out of the forums whenever you close your browser or navigate away for longer than like 20 minutes.