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  • bug to enter auction house and cash shop

    Yoda wrote: »
    Same here.
    And there are others.
    Why is it that nobody is acknowledging this?

    I'm able to enter the cash shop just fine on Windows 10. I did so about 20 minutes ago to claim reward points.

    It's possible there's an issue connecting to the server, check your internet connection and try restarting your internet if necessary.
  • Rebirth flames don't work?

    Look at the top-left of the item sprite.

    If the item does not have a dot on it, you can use any flame that meets the level requirements to reset the stats.
    If the item has a white dot on it, you can only use Eternal or Powerful Flames of Rebirth to reset the stats.
  • Sales Tax.

    1. Why is Nexon suddenly "legally required" to add sales tax when this hasn't been an issue for the entire duration of the game to this point? I assume there's reasoning, so I think a lot of people would appreciate the explanation as to what caused this to happen. I am not going to campaign for this this change to be removed (seeing as if it's really legally required, there's nothing anyone can do), but I do want some form of explanation.

    Because the law changed, most likely. Tax laws especially constantly shift around as states and governments need money.
  • How do I ACTUALLY solo bosses?

    You're probably using the boss queue feature, which is designed specifically to search for other players and then teleport the party to the boss directly.
    You need to manually go to the boss location on the world map to enter solo.

    To fight the Balrog, create a party, then go to the map "Bottom of the Temple" in Sleepywood. You can get there by going to Sleepywood, taking the taxi to Another Door, then following the lower portal down until you hit the bottom.
    Once there, speaking to NPC Mu Young should allow you to enter the Balrog fight (it's either that, or the portal on the left, I forget which).
  • Rank #4 Kaiser GMS BANNED

    We cannot help you with ban appeals on the forums, I'm not sure who told you to post here but they were incorrect.

    Appealing a ban can only be done through Nexon support.
    To follow-up on your ticket, you should contact Live Chat during their ban appeal hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific time