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  • NX questions

    Only certain pets give a stat bonus. These pets are never permanent, and are never in Reboot.

    You can charge NX to a credit card, not a debit card. Additionally, NX Credit has several restrictions including being unable to purchase certain items (Marvel spins, certain surprise boxes) and being unable to trade or drop items for a short period of time after your first purchase.
    You can buy karma koin cards online using services such as PC Game Supply or PayPal, however. Additionally, if you link to your Steam account you can charge money from Steam.

    Reboot has permanent pets in certain surprise boxes, similar to Wonderberries in normal servers. There are none available at the moment to my knowledge.
  • Job Damage Skin Selection Box - Glory shop

    You can trade the damage skin within the account, but not the box itself.
  • Please bring back the potions in New Leaf City

    Ginger Ales are still available in other shops, such as NPC Ashirazu in Ninja Castle.
  • The communities favorite beverage.

    hyaca wrote: »
    Correct me if I am wrong. When something is created originally, a copyright or I guess because it's a drink, something similar to a copyright is made.

    (I think it was) Schwepps? that originally created ginger ale. Anyway, some company originally made the first ginger ale way back when. Other companies that make ginger ale using the same recipe afterwards have to give schwepps a small fee, or maybe it was for using the name ginger ale in their product, one of the two. (Think Coca Cola.)

    No, ginger ale is just a carbonated drink flavored with ginger, it is not copyrighted, Schweppes is distributed by Coca Cola, and the first ginger ale was created Thomas Joseph Cantrell and marketed through Grattan and Company.
    The patch notes indicate the item was removed for Miki to be consistent with other merchant NPCs, not because of copyright.

    I will, however, pass this feedback along.

    Edit: Also, it's come to my attention that ginger ales are still available in Ninja Castle from NPC Ashirazu in Castle Corridor and possibly other NPC shops I'm unaware of.
  • Why make reward shop worse?

    There was an issue with the Maple Rewards shop restocking improperly on December 1st.


    This issue will be fixed on the upcoming patch on December 5th.