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  • WHY !!!!!!!!! why am i permanently blocked ?????

    We cannot help you with ban appeals on the forums, nor is creating multiple accounts on the forums going to help with your appeal.

    Please submit a ticket with support.
  • Season 1 [None of a Kind] Alora Quest Still Bugged

    Your thread was not merged incorrectly, the original thread changed gears to the issue you're describing and the original comment in the thread was already edited to reflect that.


    Please don't create duplicate threads on a single topic.
  • Please consider reducing penalty for dying 200+

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    You can reduce the exp you lose on death by raising your ambition level. You can do this by hunting bosses or by using trait boost potions that are available from events on a pretty frequent basis. Though those are better saved for things like empathy(extra 10% buff duration at max level), willpower(some status resist/max hp), diligence(slight increase to scroll success), charm(pocket slot at level 30) or insight(not sure what this does tbh)

    To be specific, the upcoming Wondroid event drops a lot of trait-boosting items in the grinding maps. Additionally, Monster Collection expeditions reward trait-boosters.

    Maxed ambition will reduce EXP loss to ~5% if I'm not mistaken.
    Also, insight reduces the cost of potential reveals.
  • Maplestory randomly crashes my PC

    Your computer restarting entirely would indicate a hardware or driver issue. Possibly a driver issue if the error only occurs when running Maple. You should identify the cause of the restart by doing the following:
    • Open System>Advanced system settings>Advanced tab>Startup and Recovery>Settings
    • Uncheck "Automatically restart"
    • Click "Apply" or "Ok" to exit
    If such a crash occurs again, your computer will display the error message. Some of the more common Stop Error messages are listed in this post.
  • Directx 11

    If your chipset is anything like my GPU, you have to manually enable which games work with the chips and which work with built-in Intel stuff. You'll have to fiddle with the AMD settings to try; I've been forced to manually switch at least 4 different games I've installed, and I still have difficulty figuring it out how I actually do it.

    As an aside, Maplestory is very CPU heavy, so I don't know how much this may increase your FPS. Also, be sure the lag is FPS and not network lag; your graphics settings won't help anything if the lag is coming from your connection to the servers.