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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • Old Maplestory nostalgia?

    i started to play this game way back in august 2007 and started being a warrior in scania before mardia and kradia were released but i despised it the only reason i chose that was because of the spear looking good, still i made a mistake when i reached level 30 cause i chose fighter for advancement and i stoped playing that character after that then i tried bowman in bera but it was soo slow and boring for me
    i made a cleric in windia there was a lot of good people there yet everyone later left and i found depressing being there
    after that i made a thief in kaini and since the nightlords had the "best class and expensive" status i made a bandit cause i loved the animations when you used savage blow or steal made it dex~less yet i changed my mind when the nautilus showed up
    the day the pirate class was released i was soo happy i found it extremely similar maybe even a copy of the bandits but the fact that
    they could use their fists instead of any weapon made me chose the class that in my ipinion was the most "badass class" ever
    havent changed my mind since that day {13/11/08} after a few months of making new friends in demethos and reaching level 70 i could finally see the best skill in the game period...
    i even took screenshots of it i could transform into a being made out of pure energy that moved faster and had more power in every skill
    also any action you did like climbing a rope or using a chair had animations and diferent for each gender the female one had long hair that was soo aesthetically beautiful even tough you had a small time to enjoy that was worth it

    at that point i had lost and found many people and experienced the slime party quest /the carnival in ludi and the party quest/maya house/also experienced the fear of being killed by crimson balrog/or the drakes in perion/i even went too far to mushroom shrine
    {my fav place} to fight yakuza at level 30~40 in their hideout the music there its cool/
    also back then each class was really usefull and diferent
    like bowmans could help a lot with the crit buff and thiefs haste was usefull because no could run fast at all
    meso was not soo easy to get clerics had a big role everywhere warriors had attack buff and max hp increase buff
    if you saw a person with a zakum helmet back then everyone though hey look a "pro" and the others reaction was like

    because back then you needed more than 2 hours of fight and really good players supporting each other to kill it good times
    {now you press 1 button and normal zakum its dead literallly}
    everything even the arrival of the young empress didnt changed much the game after aran awakening
    the worst thing in my opinion to happend to me was~
    The big bang its to this day the pivotal moment this game changed some say for the worse others say for the better in my opinion its was an
    Hecatombe because i coulnd´t play the game at all, they updated the gamefiles to work with new machines but no one said anything about it
    you now needed a "better" gpu with shader 2.0 compatibility thats why i couldn´t play the game for a few months
    turns out it was a even worse than i thought when i found out that they removed transform from the game
    that was the turning point that made me stop trying to play this game from december 2010 till sept 2012
    2 years out of the game now with new machine i was sort of hesitant to play to be honest but wanted to feel the old maps music and other things aswell after 4 years i dont have many friends in here because most either dont need to hangout or are interested in other things
    i know 5th job is comming and its not like its bad at all but its not something am hyped about yet hopefully people finds joy in it
    the things that keep me here playing are mostly the music and that i still find fun things to do not just dayly bossing and farming stuff
    my suggestion for all veterans still playing its just try to enjoy the game even the small details matter

  • It's useless to complain about nerfs - accept them


    i dont know i wish gms had more "control" instead of kms all the time yet... sometimes they do nasty stuff aswell soo

    <"a href="http://idigit.c">idigit.c
    <"img src="rolfmao" /">
    <"iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

    ugh i just dont undertstand your tutorial can you make a video instead? plox zoz ish~?
  • Can you get account back from a permanent ban?

    i am also part of the permaban people but they did unban me after i showed them some proff of the gameguard issue that when you log in it perma bans you soo if you explain your issue as soon as it hapends with video recordings [better than pictures] they will help you most of the time i wish you good luck with getting your acc back
  • Would you guys be interested in a meetup?

    how about something way easyer like nexon CM plus DEVs stream instead of the expensive meeting?