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  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    Yoongi wrote: »
    L4d2jpn wrote: »
    @Arwoo - I won't speak for everyone but I get it. The henesys advertisers, the botting accounts are all on different igns. Chances are bots are being properly banned. The issue is that you remove one and it spawns another or two or ten.

    Kms requires a proper SSN to play the game to limit the account creation.

    I really don't know what you can do in gms. First of all there's regions that don't even have SSN. Not to mention, given nexonna's track record, I highly doubtful anyone would give out their SSN to Nexon. Perhaps a phone number authentication that can't be a VoIP number? As of right now, you just need a valid email and you can make as many accounts as you want.

    Continuing on the topic of hackers though, my biggest concern is when you guys do release the black mage. The content contains alliance shops which have some pretty nifty stuff. However this only lasts until the black mage is defeated. If hard will was beaten within 24 hours (I'm making a huge assumption it was illigitimate, sorry if it was legit) in gms, I'm making a safe assumption that over 50% of the content that comes with the black mage release won't even be usable due to the fact that once hackers find the bypasses and proper values they need, bm will be dead. Unless nexonNA either has new plans for anticheat, the hackers ignore bm completely, you're planning on keeping the alliance shop open forever/future coin shops, I forsee black mage being a hyped up disappointment that won't last more than 4 hours. I really do hope that you guys do understand how the content for black mage operates and plan accordingly.

    ssn won't work because gms is used in quite a few counties. But I do feel like perhaps something like captcha that forces people to use it might be a solution. It would probably anger people who afk to earn guild points (which admittedly I do myself), it could be a possible measure. Hard for hackers to run programs if they can't solve captchas and are DC'd constantly.

    Or at least run a captcha in order to log in, a different kind each time so hackers can't just try and beat whatever system there is. Something, anything.

    Captcha was tried temporarily for a few days when NexonNA "accidentally" ported it in from kms. The forums/reddit was flooded with rage. It inconvenienced legit players and it didn't bother botters at all. Considering Runes are auto completed by bots, I'm sure they'd find the trigger for captcha and have it never trigger.

    Phone authentication may work since a majority of players in this game probably either have cellphones or are still the old players from pre-BB days.

    Either way, in my ideal world, removing access to create new accounts so easily and removing every automated anti-cheat would be prime. Wishful thinking sure, but it would really be nice to actually want to login and play regularly versus going lotus/damien/dojo only after a patch/maintenance.
  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    Neospector wrote: »
    You're not allowed to benefit from hackers because you're expected, as a legitimate player, to play legitimately. After all, "benefiting" from hackers is about the difference between hacking yourself and standing in front of one and stealing their kills, I.E. not that great. Frankly the only excuses people can give about this is something about how players use botted mesos all the time, which I find to be such a cop out personally, but me thinking that doesn't stop people from saying it.
    Moreover, although it sounds like an excuse, Wild Boars is not the "only" level 50 map, try Riena Strait. There are other maps you can go to, and popularity is hardly relevant at low levels to begin with.

    What if it's not benefitting but rather the alternative is literally unplayable?

    I'm in bera where let's be honest for a second, during peak times every single channel but channel 1 is unplayable. The channels are so lagged that your attacks don't register for 3s, same goes for pickup and not to mention I literally have a 50-50 chance to crash when I change channels.

    So I need to goto stone erdas but both the stone erdas and mixed map are botted in channel 1. So I repeated try to change channel to 2 (loss of about 2 seconds for me cause it takes me repeated tries). Now I risk crashing at a 50-50 rate, and if I make it every kill now takes 3s and every pickup is 3s.

    Ok so now a simple 50 stone erdas sample that should have taken me about 3mins is going to take 3x or more longer to give me a 9min quest completion or I just risk getting banned to finish at the usual 3min or less (if it's a kanna), or I keep trying to find a free channel and crash at a minimum of 4 times wasting about 20 minutes to complete a single quest.

    I'm not always negative about nexon but in this case, you really can't pick and choose. If you want me to not be in the same map as a botter then you have to actually provide a user experience that isn't borderline unplayable. What if all the channels are botted? I literally can't complete the vj daily, especially if I trade the quest in and get the same mob.
  • Recent Removal of Duplicated Items

    @Arwoo, @nexonNa - Do this more frequently (daily) and you won't have any issues. Do this only on/before/after DMT and of course the community is going to be pissed.

    Unless of course the goal is to piss off people that purchase items through rmt.
  • Attack Speed

    Considering we won't get flames and reboot players don't have any means to get nebulites on characters post 200, do you really want to remove the only other thing that allows players to be able to keep competitive with other versions of ms?

    There are already plenty of true bugs out there right now that came along with v190. Focus on those first over nerfing the players yet again please.
  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    Kms controls botting through means of associating an account with a SSN. Try doing that in gms and you lose most if not all of the population (do you really trust nexonNA with your info?).

    I know the meso is more valuable in kms. I would more than happily get to a stage where 1b would be considered roughly 60b current in game.

    Do you know how many pss items I have that's going to rot in my cs inventory because I refuse to do USD trades?

    But that's besides the fact. My original quote was to point out that the person quoted is so out of touch with the game if they think :
    A) clean fafnir is good enough for endgame
    B ) the current game USD spent to meso translation is more like 1:.01 versus 1:1

    We aren't kms. NexonNA doesn't have a good/accurate autoban system. Anything they've done to try to control the nx:meso rates dies because it's a joke compared to what it currently is in this economy.

    Bring back mts or raise the cap 100b+. It's far beyond repairable at this point.