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  • is MapleStory dying?

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    during the raids of HT/PB/EMP we had to learn when sed,when dr,when heal,when stop att, what order to strat,when buf & more ....... all that to fight as team
    right now its:
    okie new boss ? how much hp? what are the safe spot? okie brb charge nx $$ get fund solo new boss done

    Bishop spams heals, dispels, res when someone dies.

    CB setups with a crapton of meso drops so they can meso explosion for a quick kill.

    Smokescreen cycled so party can spam attacks uninterrupted.

    NL for most ranged damage.

    For learning when seduce on HT, you don't attack arms until bottom is cleared out or focus fire it first.

    If not attacking when DR is up is complicated then we were not very good gamers back in old Maple.

    Also make sure you aren't comparing what was considered endgame bosses back then with the same exact bosses now. Then you're not giving current MS a fair comparison. Most people run normal lucid ~20k in a full 6 man. There's DPS'ers, golem clearers, grouping up in Bene to burst during binds. There's party play in current and it feels much better than having 30 people spamming for an hour.
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    you say
    Leveling back then had no purpose other than flexing
    if that had no purpose other then flexing
    then i dont know whats the purpose now ?275 with 2x/3x card$ ,frenzy.........10b dmg lines with bpot$,prime$ ? bossing with BoD?
    sure not flex

    There's an actual story to this game which most people don't care about. More areas get unlocked through arcane river as you level. Working on legion levels. What did levels get you in prebb?
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    PQ's missing for long time and you did PQ in time when it was dying so you got forced to carry-solo

    I've played since Bera was started. People got bored of doing the PQ but stayed because they didn't want to level. If you're trying to tell me that PQ's we're dying during prime "old Maple" then that invalidates the whole argument doesn't it?
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    Social aspect - What makes sitting in HHG1 chatting with other players any different from sitting in Discord chatting to others?
    pushing eachother ingame fighting the mobs as team? maplestory "its" MMORPG (not ingame it seems )????

    I know I went as a party to areas to go explore back then. I get asked to elite hunt on occasion every once in a while now. My friend's partied together and leveled in CLP with kishin, just because it doesn't happen for you doesn't mean it doesn't happen at all.
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    you say
    One thing that's consistent to me is the top end players from old Maple are most likely still the ones that are top players today
    not true the one you see "elitist that cheat & $" are not top players
    the one that was at top left maple once we got cube$ and other keep leaving with each $ system that got add

    so i dont see a good upgrade in that i mean if i was nexon worker sure nice income system, purpose to make 10b $+ for CEO

    It is true that there's drama at high levels due to the insane amount of meso sinking required to hit 22*. Regardless of that, if you watch hard bossing groups, the communication and individual player skill definitely surpasses that of preBB bossing groups due to the boss mechanics now.

    If you see endgame players, there's not a single person that doesn't know about old Maple. The game isn't getting newer players, even in Reddit it's mostly returning players.
  • is MapleStory dying?

    Maple is dying to those who didn't change to the way the game changed. Is the game perfect? No. Is the game better? In my opinion, yes. There's more of an emphasis on invest your time wisely and you will succeed.
  • Please get rid of Kishin already

    The root cause is the need for mesos and casually unreasonable droprates.

    Kishin is the unfortunate target because it is something that speeds up the above process for both legit and illegit players. This increases the server load as the skill becomes spammed by people who need to hack to get to Arcane River levels so they can self boost their own account, legit players who actually want to speed up their farming, Kanna mains who just want to... Play the game, meso farmers to sell mesos for the endgame to get their gear to 22*+.

    Directly blaming kishin is not the proper take on this as having 5k Kanna bots spamming monkey and kishin is just as bad as 5k ark bots spamming noCD FMA attacks.

    The increased spawnrate and lag became directly correlated when there was more of a need for mesos along with progression slowdown.

    As others have mentioned before, every single map used to have glitched spawnrates due to kishin spam and/or wild Hunter glitches. This never caused any major issues to the degree that is present Bera.

    The server load was properly split up prior to the merge because everyone that bots was evenly split so you get slightly laggy servers all across the game. Now everyone is in Bera causing every single botting activity to come to Bera.

    Think back to when 21-30 was initially released in Bera. Until botting code was updated, these channels were the smoothest channels due to these being the intended way the game was meant to be played.

    Kishin isn't the direct problem. It's more of the fact that entry into mid-late game requires about 3 years of dedication to truly hit. Mesos are such a necessity in this game and yet the game direction forces players to lose out on mesos more and more.

    Feb 23, 2013 was Kanna's release. It magically took 5 years for Kishin to become a problem? Think about that.
  • [Quality of Life] Standardize Upward jumps.


    Latency/packet loss + trying to enter portal = vertical jump is super annoying.
  • Kanna hackers every where and every channel

    BBQTime wrote: »
    L4d2jpn wrote: »
    Regarding the KMS no hacking, I sincerely doubt that there's absolutely 0 hacking however it's much much much rarer than how often you see them in GMS.

    The sole reason is you lose everything if you get caught and banned in KMS.

    There is no "delete hackers" button, there's a moral conflict between not getting caught or never being able to play again. That doesn't exist in GMS because it's so easy to create a new account.

    Then why don't we have it here in GMS as well?

    Starry answered it but it's due to accounts being tied to SSN (IIRC). Due to the fact that we are a global service we can't also use SSN as there are other regions that don't have it.

    I'm for some other form of two step auth, but that's up to Nexon in the end and how they want to handle it.
    Football5 wrote: »
    Fuhreak wrote: »

    Please don't advocate for people to not report hackers just because you can't personally see the direct impact it has.
    Maplestory is a video game. The entire point of it is to waste time.

    I actually agree with him about it.

    I've been reporting hackers for so long before (I am no longer report hackers) and yet, no one of them has ever got banned...
    So it's definitely wasted my time.

    Unfortunately, it took me a while to learn this lesson... (that reporting hackers is really useless and a waste of time).

    Each report does do something. It seems like it doesn't do much because the names are so random and so similar and they are still doing the same thing.

    For example, Henesys advertisers have different names every couple of days from what I notice which would mean the original account was banned but another one took it's place. So reporting will show to nexon that, "hey we still have a problem". Regardless of whether you report it or not, the issue may not be solved but if you report at least there's a record that can be brought back up that hey, there's a botting problem. If no one reported anything, that's when on paper nexonNA can go out to the public and say "we have no botting problem because there are no more reports", even if every channel is just full of botters.

    Whether you specifically want to report or not or think it's useless is up to you, but they are a company that goes off of records/reports. If people aren't complaining, then the problem doesn't exist. So even if you think it's useless, I wouldn't advocate for everyone to stop doing it.