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December 1, 1900
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Surprise Box Request

    Item: Overall
    Name: Kentarius Suit
    Link: N/A - I'm a returning player and I used to buy the 90 days centaur suit religiously before I left, it's no longer in the cash shop so no clue when it was removed/last seen.

    As far as I know this has never been a permanent item but now it's been removed it would be awesome to see a permanent version of this.

    If it's too "old" (not cool enough for your flashier surprise boxes) then you could modernize it by MLPing it and making it into various pastel colors, renaming it Pony suit [Pink] [Green] etc etc. Or maybe consider having a nostalgia surprise box filled with retired cash shop items like this , other items could be the cat suit, tiger print cap/leggings, sweet indulgence, pink bunny visor, jr. lucida hat, my whale buddy etc etc but it's permanent not 90 days and items that were out several years ago, not new items.

  • Is this situation unfair?

    HHG1 wrote: »
    Firmly ask to have it escalated to a senior GM, link the support page you've linked here along with all the ticket #s and screenshots of the character having the hair.

    Do this, I've done it twice over my life of playing and asking for it to be escalated works HOWEVER you do need to provide oodles of detail on the ticket for it to be considered a looking into, get your friend to do everything HHG1 said, but also if they have loads of screenshots, and you, of them with the hair then create a imgur album (or similar) and frigging go to town, all different dates (it helps if the hair is shown during different events like Halloween and Christmas because they time stamp the screenshot) and then add that link to the ticket as well. They will have to repeat themselves and then link every ticket number relating to this, give them your ticket numbers too. Can't stress it enough, as cheated as they feel right now they need a cool head writing the new ticket and it needs to be detailed (if they're not the best at grammar or spelling have them run what they type through a grammar / spell check program free online then cut and paste into the description.) This needs to be the most serious ticket with nothing but facts and no emotions, no "this is unfair" or "this makes me want to quit", needs to be facts.

    It takes time but like any customer support (and this is a lesson for real life too) there is a hierarchy and if you're in the right you chase that higher and higher until you reach that person who can help, in this case immediately start the ticket saying it hasn't been resolved and you need it escalated.
  • When will be the next NX Transfer Event? *edited*

    Tropism wrote: »
    Just want ya’ll to know I came from google. Haha, I also hadn’t come back to the game in January.

    With that being said, I hope there is another inv transfer this year.

    Ha! My google search also gave me this. Would have been nice to have one while the MS2 players like me returned to the fold and weren't around in Jan. So much has changed in a couple of years, new classes. Oh well, hoping for one but from earlier posts looks like I won't hold my breath.... though a repeat performance of 2018 frequency would be sweet.
  • [Feedback/Suggestion] Pets

    Hey hey,

    Thanks so much for implementing a way for pets to stand away from us when we stop, that was a nice addition to the game. Could it at all be possible to now find a away for them to not stand on top of us when we're moving please?

    Before the Evangelion patch when we moved the pets walked away from us either in front or behind, now they are glued to us which is annoying AF.

    Thanks for listening.

  • [Feedback] Auction House Improvements

    I think the IGN would be a nice addition because how else do we now protect ourselves from buying duped items?

    Wasn't there a mass ban recently (<12months) focusing on players who purchased cheap dupe items? Unless Nexon doesn't plan to do such a sweep in the future I don't know how we can protect ourselves from buying duped items from the bots /exploiters now :/