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  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    abctiger8 wrote: »
    I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with the debate. From what it seems like,
    Bye bye farming was horrible from the looks of it but there was nothing to replace it which is the real issue here
    this is the real issue here. However, I did see a lot of bots farm a whole map where I had to complete my quests, preventing me from leveling up. So, good riddance that they are actually doing something about it. I doubt that people who used suicide kannas are rarely humans and not a hack or a bot.

    But even leveling up is a problem. I've been playing on and off since 2005, and I have never even reached lvl 200 on one character.

    I agree the main iasue is that they nerfed the ways to get meso on reboot and people had to resort to suicide kanna, if they fixes the meso curve on reboot we wouldnt be talking about this right now
    What i disagree with u ia in the leveling department, i just made a new account and in 3 days with moderante playing i reached 140 without any issues at all and with burning events and everything, getting to 200 is super easy these days to the point that if u sont reach it its because ure lazy lets be honest
  • Please allow equiped sweetwater equips psok once

    I agree, plus more psokable items means more money tbh o.o
  • Remove the limitation of 1 account at once logged

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    remove frenzy/furry totem & kanna kish skill & add normal spawn back
    problem fixed

    but someone want monetize from it so it wont happened (also multiclient will be abused by hackers even more when is legit )

    Yeh but if u think of how hackers can take advantagw of stuff u implement that results in not implementing anything at all
  • Black Friday Week Sales 2019 Feedback

    I only like the kao outfit and erda outfit and the cube sale for reboot
  • Uuuum Maintenance still going?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    i "love" the people who know the game is doing **** and just make "fun" of other who say that game is doing ****

    when nexonNA says maintenance/update/patch on xx-xx-xxxx it will take x hours things should be done and working 80%+ , if not revert and set the time/date for other time when things get to work
    we are geting broken content + unscheduled maint anyway (maplers in GMS dosent have voice/power to change it)

    or be like boredphine and search for arguments around untill gamble adiction calmsdown on next DMT/maravel/philo

    This isn't even Nexon NA's fault most likely. More likely they get the patch files from Korea, without the means to test them properly.
    Then they estimate how long it will take based on what they got. Then problems show up because Korea isn't as familiar with the GMS client.
    Nexon tells Korea that problems showed up and has to wait for them to fix stuff.

    They could just set patch notes for an hour or two out of what they expect it to take.
    But here's the real kicker. Nexon is actually being... TRANSPARENT about this. Exactly what maplers are asking for.
    What do they get in return for this transparency? Nothing but flak. Gee, I wonder why they're hesitant to tell us things.
    Like YinYangX said, I'd much prefer this than them put a server up and hope for the best. At least they're trying to catch some stuff without making us do it.
    As far as bugs making it in and needing unscheduled maint anyway despite them doing this, again, this is probably because they lack proper equipment/time/staff for proper testing.

    Nexon doesn't need to be defended on much, but there's not much they can do here other than open up test servers before major patches.
    Which for a company that is bleeding money, probably isn't the best use of their funds.

    U sound so confident when in reality u got no idea what ure talking about unless u work for nexon
    But i agree nexon needs more transparency,all gaming companies tbh.