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  • Color skins for abilities for all chars.

    I mean...that's not the first reason I would think of to play a character because of a skill color. While there was in EMS a Mercedes Skill "skin" at one point, it has never come to GMS. I also don't think it would be viable when you consider there are 40+ classes in Maple, which means they would have to make Hundreds of animation re-skins (consider that some classes have multiple versions of a single skill, such as Xenon and Pathfinder). It doesn't feel worthwhile for something so...superficial?
  • Transferring Equips with Strict Rules for Reboot

    Maplehood transfer would be a godsend...but it does unfortunately go against the solo progression of Reboot. I am torn on the issue...Id love a one-time transfer on an equip but you'd almost have to make it exclusive to something like MHW, which would require some sort of internal tag in coding which might be complicated to implement.
    It may be better if Nexon just swapped the CRA gear drops to become the actual Boss drops so you can trade in for the equipment of choice...or add a "Choice Fafnir Box" and similar for the other equips in place of the randomized drops. It could be a Reboot only thing similar to our Gachapon :T
  • why does the owl spellbook effect have hedgehogs?

    Those are sure some WEIRD looking owls....
  • Masteria revamp!

    I've said this before...but I think CWKPQ could be an opportunity to also add a way to get extra Gollux Rings/Earrings (albeit a rare drop) due to Gollux being slightly related lore-wise...
  • Fairy Bros Daily Gift Compensation Distributed

    I did not receive any compensation despite being around day 18 or so last I remember (I remember having a hard time picking who to claim it on) -sigh- just not meant to be I guess.