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  • Wind Archer or Not struggle

    WindAbagah wrote: »
    Maybe i'll test out mihile, sounds like a round up class that has some utility while not being a bad dps , it's just next to WA on dps chart

    Be warned...if you can't do the shield skill properly you will lose a LOT of DPS...I know cuz I suck at properly proccing it.
  • I wrote this week's memeo for nexon

    Hey, we found SavageAce's alt account! /sarcasm
  • What is a decent "fluid" class

    DuskGuard wrote: »
    Nothing fancy, just fast attacks that don't keep you stationary during an animation. Doesn't need to be like this for all attacks, especially if they cover a large area. Preferably i'd like something that's able to farm well while being mobile. Decent at bossing as in able to dodge stuff without anticipating the attack well in advanced due to long cast times.

    Maybe try Ark, it feels relatively fluid to me and its really mobile.
  • Infernal Concussion rework

    As a Demon Slayer main...I don't particularly like the idea of being a "porcupine" with spikes. When I look at most of the Demon Slayer skills, I really don't have much of a problem in terms of animation and style. I still miss the days when Demon Cry was our main skill but alas...it is not meant to be.
    Infernal just needs to be...less clunky which would just be adjusting the cast time. I actually don't use it and mob better (Battle Analysis checked) with Demon Impact/Demon Cry and Cerberus when off CD. One idea would be to go the Kaiser route and give it a seperate in-air animation.
  • Fix/Improve the in-game Macros

    From playing Pathfinder...the main skill combo I use on a Macro and it is definitely faster than doing so manually :T so I'm not so sure on the delay issue you are talking about. I also do this with Paladin and it is also faster than manual input.
    This is just my experience but I am not sure there is much that needs changing with in-game macros except maybe allowing us to use freakin CD skills (Looking at you, Haku with your 5 second CD) in a macro. The game already knows you can't cast said skill if its on CD...