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  • Why nexon? with the 24hr deletion on lvl 1's

    Reason is supposed to combat bots...yeeeeeah :T
  • Re-request: Zero in Reboot

    As the OP of the previous Zero thread...ofc I want Zero still. The weapon system seems to be the glaring issue that keeps us from it :T Played on a Reg server for a change...enjoyed Zero enough I bruised my wrists from hyper key pressing. Unfortunately I have so much more in Reboot, my friends, my 7.4k legion, a main who can solo up to Lotus and Damien...and Zero isn't even considered a top-tier class by them darn DPS charts, I might change mains to Zero if it came to Reboot at the same level I might go back to Luminous if they buffed its teleport. Which will come first? No. clue.
  • things gone that drove many players away.

    DAVEfromny wrote: »
    Took out the Prendergast Mansion and the ability to take on big foot mob.
    Took out Monster Park Extreme. (Last portal on the right) great fro gaining xp to level.
    Only allow to face lower bosses 1nce as opposed to 2x like before.
    Removed the ability to leech (train lower level characters)
    Destroyed evolution lab , Equipment drops and Etc drops.
    Removed the Speigelmann PQ (huge mistake) which was insanely great for leveling characters.
    Have nice events for levels under 200 But include no level potions for level 200-275 players to level up or get 50% a level.
    I believe that Florina Beach and king klang monster has been removed. Removed kerning city PQ.
    No more cake bosses.
    No more mini bosses that drop cakes / maple equips, in random maps. Have not replaced any of the party quests with similar things to take its place.
    Does king slime spawn anymore?
    Why enjoyable winter does not stack with hs 5th job skill, while using a 2xp card.
    Why lucky winter will not work with a big spider familiar increased drop rate.
    Bishop has become one of the worst classes to play as far as big bang is concerned, Big bang in my opinion makes it insanely impossible to have a good overall mob attacking skill and makes it slow to level. ( bishop needs a better mobbing skill)
    remember the times where they had 2xp / 2x drops every weekend?
    Introduced very long cool downs on skills such as blizzard and meteor shower, i remember the days where you could cast these skills within seconds of each other and the leveling was fantastic.

    So I'm gonna highlight the main points that I wanna go over.
    1. Leeching was removed moreso due to KMS than in GMS, but it is still possible to "leech", just not in the AFK rope holding days of the past. You have to actually still do "something" and actively be there.
    2. We have had a couple of anniversary events that have brought back Maple equips and other old pieces of gear (I believe my Dual blade has a blue Maple Bandana in its possession at this moment, on Reboot, from the previous Anniversary event of 14th street) so just look around for one of those events to pop up again.
    3. I actually really agree on this one. As someone who played Bishop prior to RED (the update that changed Bishops overall) I was not a fan of the change from Angel Ray as the main mobbing skill. (I got my book on my first cleared Zak run maaaan) although I doubt it will change back. My recommendation: just use Genesis and BB rotation, or try some of the other classes.

    As far as some of the other points you give:
    FMA attacks with short CDs resulted in No CD Starfall for two weeks. It was great if you trained a Jett, it was HORRIBLE if you were KSed by a Jett. Ultimately...I wouldn't want no-CD FMA skills again.
    Lucky Winter used to stack with Spider, not sure what changed it. Same with Enjoyable and 2x coupons (DHS stacks with 2x coupons though). The way I believe it currently works is...one ETC/CS item (the cards), a USE item (the coupons) of a particular value, where 1.5x and 2x are non-stacking, but 10% from Monster Park does stack, and then Pendant of Spirit, Mercedes Link, and Legion.
    Evo lab was the ONLY place people would go up to 140, then switching to DIPQ which also got EXP butchered. Nexon wanted people to train in other maps. It worked.
    2x bosses isn't what hurts me so much as the POTION DROPS. I could make either a quick buck...or keep my Mules alive with those drops...which are almost non-existent now.
    I do remember 2x every weekend, but people complained.

    P.S. There are potions that go up to 240, and even post 240 get you 50% a pop(as of 245 I still get at least 45% or so). They are Typhoon potions. You'll see one for Glory in a couple months.
  • Why is the Dark Lord of Darkness event so short???

    CrystalOra wrote: »

    The totems on the notes don't say untradable? If they changed this one aspect of the event that would make having it for a week just fine. If they are now tradable, I would even do it on characters that already have all their totems just to trade them to the ones that need them. That would be a complete game changer for this event!!! I hope that is the case, but it is probably just and oversight in the notes =[.

    Meanwhile in Reboot, "What is tradeable?"

    Unfortunately we are gonna get the short end of the stick if this is true, but I would honestly expect it to be an oversight :T They've never made the totems tradeable to my knowledge.
  • We need more things after new Cash shop

    I really wish we would get a better ability to use RP, especially in Reboot (look at our 4 item choices, wooo).
    I don't care much if there's a new PIC or not, since I'll just use my current/new one. I like our small keypad, honestly.
    Starforce costs, I have to agree with the other two posters, we got that way due to how the in-game economy works in GMS :T

    Besides that, not much else to say.