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  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    Uhm...well this is interesting of a post.
    Meso penalty is there for the reason of getting players to MOVE maps. If it weren't there, people would stay in some maps(Bye Bye in particular)...probably forever tbh. Unfortunately Bye Bye is already a top notch map :T Doesn't need to look even MORE appealing. This is a no for me.
    I'm personally not against meso farming, heck, I make good mesos with just 40% while training my main (haven't touched my Bye Bye Kanna in weeks).
    Fury totem price I agree with...not so sure on removal of the limit. As it stands, Fury solidifies the 2-PC Meta by its high price and low duration. If the duration were higher (Hell, offer a very rare perm Fury in some sort of Event such as Maplehood or one of those gift boxes would be interesting since it would be both reg and Reboot servers) and price lower...Fury would look appealing as a convenience item instead of getting a Kanna.
    Boss stones, limit can go. Its an issue that personally doesn't bother me either way it goes. 2x a day bosses...while was nice...its gone. Just gotta accept that.
    Kritias could use a revamp to just make it relevant, but Tyrant gloves themselves aren't great anymore

    I remeber that was my point " moving maps" and you kept arguing about it for days , Now you are agreeing about " moving maps" conspect
    How Are you talking about moving maps if players just make k anna suicide at lv 159 forever in byebye station ...
    so How "Meso penalty is there for the reason of getting players to MOVE maps" if you just going to make akanna and suicde there 24/7 and keep ur kanna there forever ..
    you are contradicting yourself because when i talked about Removing death penatly in low levels so players have to move on from maps ,and adding more ways to make mesos that doesnt; depends on a kanna , you argue'd with me for days ...

    "I make good mesos with just 40% while training my main (haven't touched my Bye Bye Kanna in weeks)"

    Why did you keep arguing with me on howmuch mesos kanna can make , if you don't even use one " in weeks" LOL

    I see alot of hypocrisy there ;)

    Also I fight for Kanna cuz its a starting point for new players. Unfortunately the issue of the EXP penalty goes FOR ALL CLASSES, not just Kanna.
  • Zero in Reboot

    Here we go again...I have made a thread about this a long time back, but unfortunately...that just shows how well my hopes of getting Zero in Reboot are.
    my old forum thread thing

    It seems that kms are going to announce the highest rank mythic possible to get as potential (nowadays highest rank is legendary)...

    That leak is false :T
  • What class to make for Burning Event?

    choose a class you either hate, or really need for Legion/Link skills. It kinda depends on what you have done, though.

    For example: I was going to do Beast Tamer but it is not open. I need it for both Legion and Link skill. Unfortunately I cannot make a BT for Tera burning at the moment, so instead I chose Paladin for Legion.
  • Next Burning

    Tera starts...tomorrow after maintenance I believe?