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  • Bring Zero to Reboot

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Fixing an issue where Zero characters could be created on Reboot world. All Zero characters created on Reboot before this maintenance will be deleted.

    And.... That's the third time... :|

    Boy howdy it sure is! And I'd like to bring back what I posted on the subreddit from #2:


    Also, insofar as the point of "oh zero's weapon scrolls don't work on reboot": potential scrolls work just fine on reboot.

    And, realistically, if the "400 weapon points and 100k mesos to reroll zero's weapon potential" is so game-breakingly bad or whatever, just increase the meso cost to a few million or so. And, again, the weapon-points potential rerolling only goes up to unique, so people would still be beholden to meso farming and buying cubes to get to legendary, so it's a moot point as far as I"m concerned.

    Heh, I said in my thread that the weapon potential thing would be a price raise. This is where I really don't see what the big problem is with giving us Zero :T
  • Change the party quests

    Cubes would probably be restricted to no higher in level than MCC or Meister (No actual CS cubes).
    Flames would be a nice reward, but I also think things such as Nodestones if a High-Level PQ came out, or an improvement on the PQ Shop to be able to buy items like Nodes or Arcane Symbol selectors.

    Overall though, PQs need an overhaul on both item and EXP rewards. Scaling exp doesn't seem to go well past 200 as far as when I look at Monster Park (exp is supposed to scale there) and certain events/Blockbusters. Make them viable for leveling again so that people who wanna PQ can actually do it for more than nostalgia or rewards that...are nostalgic. The limit on PQs is eh...and could be either increased or removed entirely.

    On another note, look at the PQ that people do. Hungry Muto. This is one of the only party quests that I ever hear about except for the occasional Commerci PQ. These two PQs both offer rewards that are geared towards high leveled players (Chu Chu Symbols and Denaros for SW Accessories alongside SW gear). I say a few more high level PQs would be a nice thing, alongside helping with the low level PQs for newer players.
  • New Brawler Class Idea

    Im kinda tired of Fist Pirates tbh. We have Bucc, Shade, TB. and Ark all using that same weapon, you could even make an argument to Jett since its original theme was a mix between Bucc and Corsair :T

    So Imma pass on the idea of another one.
  • Spirit Savior - Bug / Suggestion

    Good news is...they are creating an Arcana Daily in our upcoming Winter Update. 8 Symbols!
    Upcoming KMS Patch
  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    Beef wrote: »
    -2 PC meta is an issue? Just make a farmer Kanna. No one is forcing you to farm at efficient rates, you gotta fix that mentality. I manage to get to lucid ready before I ever started to farming on a Kanna, its slow but it's possible to progress without a 2nd pc. Slow progression is still progression.
    -Penalty exist as a deterrent to prevent people from camping Arcana at lv 255+
    -Fury totem sucks, the cost is too high, they don't last on the map like Frenzy.
    -Buff Kritias, too slow

    buddy do you even understand what is 2 Pc meta is ?? , 2 Pc meta has nothing to do with making " farmer kanna" if you ever go Lv 220 + , the level become impossbile to level , So you realy need a kanna with you 24/7 , w/e you buy one or make one just to be there for you ..or just say goodbye to leveling .. that's why they increase exp from vl 200-220 and incomming patches in kms in 3 months they will increase exp from lv 220-230 by 25% ..
    that's what 2 pc meta means , it has nothing to do with ur " farmer kanna"

    Get ur facts striaght :)

    just fyi...they are DECREASING exp you need to level, not increasing it. And the thing I really wish people would get across is...ya don't have to follow meta.