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  • My Damage Sucks

    Where can I get a better badge, that's not time limited or from an event?

    Crystal Ventus drops from Magnus, so besides that you have to pray they either bring back GSE or Sengoku High.
  • Give me a way to anvil my overall

    I wish I could anvil over a top/bottom set with an overall tbh. my idea is that if the top is equipped, the anvil will apply to all the gears, but if not, then no anvil and you are just shirtless.
  • Lachelein symbols

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    I feel. Dream defender is a pain in the ass. But if it makes it any more palatable for you, all you need to do is grind up to as high a stage as you can, let's say stage 30, and from that point just clear a single stage, 30 to 31 in this case, to get your full(in this case, 30 coins) reward. And you can keep doing that day after day, for all of your runs, until you're strong enough to continue pushing up through the stages.

    Also, if you hate dream defender then you're gonna love arcana's spirit savior daily.

    Spirit savior is where I spend my event coins XD
  • The maplestory facebook site

    What I see on Facebook: Gib Pre-bb.
    I just giggle.
  • Hero/Paladin 1h/2h sword/axe/mace/shield/secondary


    do keep in mind however the 1 handed + shield is dependent on the fact you can and will get a good shield. if you are in reboot, you would need 20 star to get use of the shield.

    as far as shield vs medallion, both trigger shield mastery but yeah shield would be better of the 2 should you go with 1 handed sword and a shield

    Paladin is different, I'm reading 2 handed is actually best

    Oh is that so? Well then that helps with my Paladin for a future Tera Burn character XD Like I said earlier, I am not familiar with Paladin. In reboot they say 1h axe is better than 1h sword for a Hero anyways.