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[Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

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The dress up element is strong in MapleStory and that's because of our seemingly endless wardrobe.
As part of our road towards introducing new Outfits to the community, we will be holding a contest to give Maplers a chance of introducing new equipment cover designs as well!

Read up on all the details below before submitting your entry to this thread:

How to Enter:
  1. Create your own template or download the template here: http://imgur.com/a/cBnWt
  2. Draw your outfit design on the template. All variations of the poses provided on the template must be covered (we accept both digital and traditional art)
  3. Post your completed outfit here in this thread. Be sure to explain your entry in detail.
Please note that you should be very clear in your description of each individual item. This means if your entry has a cape, hat, top, bottom, shoes, and gloves, you should state each piece and make sure they're visible.

Requirements & Rules:
  • You're entering an outfit, not a single cover equipment piece. You're not required to draw a cover for every slot of equipment, but the bare minimum should be a hat along with an overall, or top and bottom.
  • Only one (1) entry can be submitted per person. This means you cannot submit an entry for both males and females unless the single outfit entry is stated as unisex.
  • No explicit content. Submission of images with themes of violence, drugs, nudity, and other offensive content is subject to disqualification and potential account ban.
  • Do not use the apparel of licensed characters from other games or anime in your artwork.
  • All submissions become the property of Nexon. All designs received in this contest may be published, modified, and reused by Nexon in any medium.
Our panel of judges includes members from the Nexon Community and Production team. We will go through the entries at the end of the contest and select the top 10 outfit designs. After our selection process has concluded, we will create a separate thread where the community may cast their vote. The top 3 designs with the most votes will be crowned the winners. All outfit deigns will be shared with our game team, but we cannot promise that the winning designs will be made in-game.

Contest Duration: August 18th 2017 - September 18th 2017


  • TwizzzlersTwizzzlers
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    I literally cannot draw but I tried my best!

    I hope you guys like the creation!

    The Solar Eclipse Outfit!



    The Story: Once in a lifetime maplers got a chance to see a Rare event happening on Aug 21, 2017. It was called the Solar Eclipse that changed people understanding about science. It is the perfect outfit to wear in maplestory. It shows a wonderful memory to our generation and to others as well. We as maplers will get another chance to see another one happening on Apr 8, 2024. Sit back Relax and enjoy a beautiful memory.


    - Solar Eclipse Hat - A hat that shows you were at the Solar Event.

    - Safety Solar Glasses - Caution! use glasses to protect your eyes from the solar rays. Remove when stated!

    - Solar Face Accessory - Wear this and you will be part of the eclipse!

    - Solar Earrings- A beautiful earring that represents the moon!

    - Half Solar Cape - Showing a half solar exclipse. Don't worry you wont miss it!

    - Eclipse Shirt - Wouldn't be cool to show your friends that you took part of the event.Show your friends the Eclipse!

    - Solar Sun Gloves- A glowing glove to wear it would be like your glowing in the sky.

    - Shiny Star Pants- Stars, Stars Everywhere. These pants glow like shiny stars in the night sky.

    - Rocket Moon Shoes- Ever wanted to be up close to the eclipse. You can literally fly up and enjoy the show.

    More to be Announced!!! 8/22/17
  • BirnteyBirntey
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    Masquerade Queen Outfit

    I thought it would be nice to have a more elegant outfit for Maplestory because most outfits are mostly just cute/cool. This outfit is for the queen of a masquerade ball that includes the commonly "royal" colors of yellow, red, and black. If she was a character she would definitely be roaming around Lachelein.


    Hat (the crown) - Royal Masquerade Crown
    Face Accessory (the mask) - Royal Masquerade Mask
    Overalls (the dress) - Royal Masquerade Ball Gown
    Gloves - Royal Masquerade Gloves
    Shoes - Royal Masquerade Heels
    Cape - Masquerade Feathers
    Weapon - Masquerade Fan - has black/yellow/red feathers when swung
  • QuickDrawerQuickDrawer
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    does making your char look like hayato count? w/ cape w/ mist cutter and etc
  • DadevilslayaDadevilslaya
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    _____________________________(PLAYER: SPOOKLY - WORLD: REBOOT)___________________________

    Description: October is slowly creeping up and with October comes HALLOWEEN!!! Halloween is all about scares, treats, monsters, and most importantly, COSTUMES! Yes you need a nice outfit! Even better, get yourself an outfit for your Halloween party that you want to host so much! This outfit is unique and yet simple! A host needs a proper tuxedo and my outfit has all the necessary parts of a tux but with a spooky twist! Plus you get a sweet mask that will SpOoK your guests, a hungry hat that feeds on their souls, an ominous dark shadow with spooky eyes to follow you around to scare off unwanted visitors, and uh... some pants that could use a bit of a fixer upper but they will work for the night! Hooked yet? Dont lie, I know you are!

    Outfit Parts
    • Sinister Mask
    • Poorly Bandaged Dress Pants
    • Ominous Host Tuxedo Top
    • Carnivorous Hat
    • Lurking In The Night Cape

    Item Descriptions:

    Sinister Mask: (Face Accessory) This unusual smiling mask seems to be reeking of demonic energy. The eye glows blue and seems to resemble an oddly colored flame. The jaw moves up and down which simulated the players monstrous breathing. When the player attacks, the jaws open wide and scream its dreadful battle cry as one of a banshee!

    Poorly Bandaged Dress Pants: (Bottom) Well it looks like you don't have any good dress pants for your tuxedo. OH! I have idea, take your old ones with the holes in it and attempt to patch them up! Oh? Eh.. Well you tried. What is that medical tape? I guess that will do, your guests will arrive any minute. At least it comes with a sweet skull belt! Oh? That's bandaged too... great.

    Ominous Host Tuxedo Top: (Top) Now this overall is simple yet decorated specifically for All Hallow's Eve! The bow tie is a freakish little bat that flaps its wings will wrapping itself around your neck. There is a pocket watch hidden inside your coat pocket but the chain is revealed with a little skull on the end that moved back and forth. The tuxedo is low cut that is pitch black with a tail on top of a dark blue vest on top of a lovely white dress shirt.

    Carnivorous Top Hat: (Hat) Uh Oh! You don't want this creature on your head! Or do you? Yes this a living hat that wants to feed! Careful with this hungry top hat, once you put it on, you cannot take it off. Try if you dare! This hat is made of 100% possessed leather and *cough* if allowed, I hope for this to be the first cash shop hat that comes with a skill. The skill allows the hat to feed on you draining your HP to zero while giving you a buff that lasts 30mins. The buff would give 30+ M. Atk and W. Atk. (But this is just a thought... Cool downs apply)

    Lurking In The Night: (Cape) AH! WHAT WAS THAT!?!? WHATS OVER THERE!?!? Oh thats just your cape... A cape with dark fall shadowing you everywhere you go. Eerie eyes watch your every movement. The eyes blink and when they do, new eyes appear and change positions all around you giving an illusion that you are surrounded. Spooky huh?!

    (Final Art )
    (Without Cape)

  • 6969lolz69696969lolz6969
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    The Grizzly set

    Ever want to feel the ferocious power of an apex predator, while also wanting to feel adorable? Then the Grizzly set is for you!


    1. Grizzly Cap: hat cover
    2. Grizzly Jaws: Face Accessory Cover
    3. Grizzly Suit: Overall cover
    4. Grizzly Paws: Shoe Cover
    5. Grizzly Claws: Weapon/Gloves Cover
  • TwizzzlersTwizzzlers
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    The Grizzly set

    Ever want to feel the ferocious power of an apex predator, while also wanting to feel adorable? Then the Grizzly set is for you!


    1. Grizzly Cap: hat cover
    2. Grizzly Jaws: Face Accessory Cover
    3. Grizzly Suit: Overall cover
    4. Grizzly Paws: Shoe Cover
    5. Grizzly Claws: Weapon/Gloves Cover

    Looks Cute! Goodluck!!
  • MewBlueberryMewBlueberry
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    Cotton Candy Outfit

    There is no such thing as too much kawaii. No. Such. Thing.

    Hat- Candy Ribbon (Disclaimer: Not made for human consumption)
    Top- Fluffy Heart Sweater (Soft and fluffy, like a cloud!)
    Bottom- Pink and Blue Tutu (It's tutu cute!)
    Cape- Ridiculously Huge Bow (Extra big for extra cuteness)
    Shoes- Loose Socks (Nothing says "stylish" like ill-fitting socks)
    Earrings- Ribbon Earrings (It's a ribbon! On your ear!)
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  • PullaSaurusPullaSaurus
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  • DarkZodiackDarkZodiack
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    Ninja Advantage Outfit
    Who doesn't want an awesome ninja outfit. Well now you can be that cool ninja.



    Hat Morning Run Band

    Top Advantage Top

    Gloves Heavy Leaf Gloves

    Bottom Advantage Bottom

    Shoes Silent Walkers

    Cape Night Wind Scarf (Causes a dark shadow effect)

    Earnings 3 Star Earrings

  • LohdyLohdy
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    A design inspired by Neapolitan ice cream colours, also known as harlequin (multicolour) ice cream! It's a unisex outfit.


    Neapolitan Harlequin Set
    Hat: Neapolitan Wig
    Overall: Neapolitan Pullover
    Shoes: Neapolitan Sneakers
    Cape: Neapolitan Hearts

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  • PuripuffPuripuff
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    The new Arcana map inspired me to make an alien fashion design C: I thought this would go nicely with all the unatural skintones we have.

    Hat - Alien antenna's
    Overalls - Alien overalls
    Gloves - Alien gloves
    Shoes - Alien knee high boots
    (Your fashion is out of this world!)

    (Added the official template)
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  • jahnestajahnesta
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    First Mapler on the Moon <3


    HAT: Maple Astronaut Helmet
    OVERALL: Maple Astronaut Overall
    CAPE: Maple Astronaut Backpage (equiped aura space & zero gravity while resting)
    BOOTS: Maple Astronaut Boots
    GLOVES: Maple Astronaut Gloves
    WEAPON: Optional Nation Flag Weapon

    Greetings from México!
  • JaaaysJaaays
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    MS Flash 2017
  • CookieCorgiCookieCorgi
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    I love Evan and his story reminds me of a book series I read in the 5th-6th grade called the Inheritance series. I've also loved dragons in general so it would be really cool to see more dragon armor like the Kaiser in game.
    Descendant of the Onyx Set(unisex)
    Hat: Onyx Beret
    Overall: Evan's Suspenders
    Cape: Onyx Stardust Cape(Creates ancient Onyx Wings effect when equipped!)
    Weapon: Draconis Messiah
  • satalitesatalite
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    Spring Leaves Hat- After dozing for so long, you got some stuff on your head!
    Spring Jade Earrings- Definitely wasn't stolen from Elves!
    Slumbering Dragon Overalls- Snnzz- I'm awake, I swear...
    Slumbering Dragon Cape-A trail of leaves? In your house? It's more likely than you think!
    Rugged Traveling Shoes- Not the most cleanest, but they sure are durable!
    Rugged Traveling Gloves- Conceal, don't feel, don't let them kn-[smacked]

    Notes: This was a design I really wanted since, maybe 3 years ago? I really like the outdoor-sy appearance and with maplestory, it just seems so fitting to have a "traveler" look like Tumbleweed from the Vulpes. Why dragon? I don't know either.

    **The tail is a part of the cape, and the armband is part of the overalls ^^)/
    ***intended to be unisex
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  • ShunxShunx
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    EYEWEAR: Black&Orange Full Cover Eye band
    EARRINGS: UnderG- Cross-ing
    TOP: UnderG- Orange Sweater + Fish Nets
    CAPE: UnderG- B/W Cross Belt Harness
    BOTTOM: White Shorts
    SHOES: UnderG- B/W No Lace High Tops + Fish Nets
    GLOVES: Fish Nets

    NOTES: Unisex design. The design is influenced by Japanese underground fashion, suitable for the badass maplers out there.
  • DazedDazed
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    My Art "skills" are poo... :#

    Galaxy Cat Outfit


    Hat-Galaxy Cat Hood
    Overall-Galaxy Cat Pajamas
    Cape-Galaxy Cat Tail

    Cats are life, the Galaxy is beautiful and pajamas are comfy. :|
  • AnnAnn92AnnAnn92
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    Sorry the image didn't appear ******* Here's another post ><

    Glove - Fairy Bracelet : A bracelet infused with magic to increase defense.

    Hat - Glory Daisy : Experience the power of flower with daisies! All stats +5

    Top - Leafy Leaves : Go wild with nature! Comfortable yet Eco friendly.

    Bottom - Green Comfy Skirt : Who says skirts lessen the adventure? Get comfy with green.

    Cape - Cloudy - A happy cloud that'll keep you company.

    Shoes - Vines of trees - Once equipped, these tree vines will wrap up perfectly upon contact with your feet.

    Earrings - Cresent starlight - The stars now twinkle for you. Charm +30 once after equipped.

    ***For Females only ^^

  • RenniRenni
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    Items in outfit:
    • Hat: Erda Hood - (Raging Erda) antlers/horns glow; optional glow on hood's rim
    • Face Accessory: Kawaii Face Mask*
    • Cape: Erda Cloak - (Sad Erda); scarf & cape combined
    • Top: Erda Sweater - (Raging/Sad Erda) floppy sleeves
    • Bottom: Erda Tights - (Raging/Sad Erda) tights, a.k.a. sock pants
    • Shoes: Erda Blaze - (Blazing Erda) leaves behind a trail of blue flames
    • Weapon: Erda Lantern - (Tranquil/Lantern Erda) when attacking, lantern is unhooked and sent flying, then flies back shortly onto the "hook"

    This outfit design is quite obviously inspired by Erdas from Vanishing Journey maps. I tried to go for a whimsical yet fashionable design that worked together as a whole, as well as separately. Therefore, users could probably mix and match these items with other outfits. I hence showed each item by itself and in layers to display their potential. I personally would love to wear these items both individually and as a set, so I'm really hoping my entry gets a chance.

    By the way, this was based on a quick doodle I made for fun back in December last year.

    Edit (Aug. 24): Fixed the image to include all required poses. Old image below.

    *Edit (Aug. 28): The face accessory was supposed to be a joke, but a fellow alliance member (I SEE YOU TSU) wants it to be included, so here's my attempt at pixelizing it:
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  • RenniRenni
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    All good now. :3
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