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  • bigaz1 wrote: » Well i just wasted 70 coins Since they removed the piggy bank, there's not much left to spend them on. EXP is negligible, and you only need so many Elixirs. I still do it twice daily, out of habit, but bossing would probably be…
  • Buy a coin purse? I still have 2 or 3 dozen different kinds of coins ... just in case ;-)
  • My main is now bossing regularly. 20 minutes with 10 or 12 bosses for 30m Mesos from the collector in the FM, plus great equips for my mules or the auction house, plus soul shards & guild points for my solo guild. So far, that I/L knocks my Pall…
  • I see. It's all clear now, thank you *very* much for your patience and understanding. Since I would have to spend along time with a lousy familiar, ranking it up & hoping to win the jackpot, then repeating until I finally get a good one at to…
  • Thanks again, but I am still not 100% clear. If the "skills" are random, why would I *ever* want to rank up familiars with good skills? E.g if I have 7% Crit rate & want 15%, it seems to me that I should leave that familiar untouched & ge…
  • Wait, are you saying that I don't need high level monsters to get high values of x, as in x% crit rate, x% IED? You could have gotten your 7% crit rate, item drop rate, 15% ied from snails?
  • Thanks for that. I have another question - ought I to post a new one? Being old school , I hunted for about 200 Big Spider familiars, until I got one with ++ meso & drop. Yesterday, I ranked it up and the skills changed ! Did I miss som…
  • Argetlam wrote: » I burned a Mercedes, hoping to get it to the level it needs to be at for a level 3 link skill (187 as of this comment) I am so lazy that I burned two :-) just to lazy to toggle the link between my two mains, so keep one Merc …
  • Sheer genius!! That worked perfectly. Thank you !
  • Well, with a modern (4 years after this post), it is trivial to burn to level 150 in a day and 190 to 200 the next day, so max 3 days, a long weekend, go get to 200. Getting to 210 can take a little longer (I always have problems with 5th job on …
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » BXL wrote: » That's true, maybe make an interface that lets you do 10x or 20x at a time and you can decide what you'd like and stick with that till the next batch... idk about batches cause of the tier up chance, unless…
  • I just had this same thing happen on a second character ! As before, forfeit the quest, then accept it again & everything is fine.
  • I just got one from the Fairy Bros daily 1 hour attendance event. Now, if I could only figure out how to chat with it :-/
  • You might want to consider just abandoning that character. Wait for a Burning even & create a burning character. You can get to level 180 in a single day, and the Frozen Equips are good until level 200, plus they generally give you a pretty godl…
  • riza wrote: » Well as a mage you become invincible for 3 and sometimes more seconds. Also use the skill in lotus, magnus and damian to jump over my party members and act as a human shield to destroy trucks or metoers coming down on party. Overa…
  • Neospector wrote: » It's an extended invincibility frame. When you use it, instead of taking damage you lose MP instead. Ah, so it's a grown up Magic Guard ;-) Neospector wrote: » The downside is you cannot use skills while invincible. wi…
  • Lucsean99 wrote: » Can you confirm that the "[Afterlands"] can be completed 100% without any broken quest-line? I tried to follow the guide at https://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/24371/afterlands-guide-the-fast-way - and I blew i…
  • In the end, I am mixing in one DHS with every 2 or 3 other node advances. I find it useful . Also, node stones are only 3m each in the auction house (in Luna)
  • Thank sounds convincing. Thanks
  • Lol. I have 2 Mercedes, which I use for link skill on my 2 mains. Couldn't hack 5th job with frozen equips & wasn't going to buy better, so just levelled to 210 without 5th job, for 20% EXP link skill :-)