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  • In the end, I am mixing in one DHS with every 2 or 3 other node advances. I find it useful . Also, node stones are only 3m each in the auction house (in Luna)
  • Thank sounds convincing. Thanks
  • Lol. I have 2 Mercedes, which I use for link skill on my 2 mains. Couldn't hack 5th job with frozen equips & wasn't going to buy better, so just levelled to 210 without 5th job, for 20% EXP link skill :-)
  • Ok, there's my answer. I notice that the new Awake final scroll says that, but I didn't read it on the Maple Tour scroll, which is then abosulutlley no way worth 35 days worth of other stuff (like 70,000 power elixer, or 50% exp). Thanks for enl…
  • Mawg wrote: » Then I can''t really see the point of it. At least, not on Maple Tour, where it costs 70 coins, but 150 coins will get me 1 billion mesos. Thanks for the heads up Me neither. Unless, perhaps, it guarantees 100% on the pre-star sat…
  • YinYangX wrote: » Rexaar wrote: » I'm pretty sure he means like Mercedes or Dual Blade skill linking, which in that cases some skills can be "linked" together or tandem/following and you get bonuses from "linking" said skills. Arrgh! I forgot…
  • YinYangX wrote: » Iirc, open equipment and you should have a tab for Haku equipment. Yes! My mistake was looking on the Pet tab. I did not notice the Haku tab on the right, as only this job has it, so I did not expect it.
  • MagnusDahn wrote: » Tehheavy2 wrote: » Im pretty sure there is another quest in the lightbulb that continues the questline EDIT: pretty sure its at the bottom you are a god Are you not going to tell others the solution?
  • Arrgh!! Nvm - so obvious - check your equips, there is a Haku tab to the right, whcih does not appear for other jobs. DRAG the equip onto that tab. I could delete this, as no one has posted yet, but will leave it in case someone else has the s…
  • Then I can''t really see the point of it. At least, not on Maple Tour, where it costs 70 coins, but 150 coins will get me 1 billion mesos. Thanks for the heads up
  • Then I can''t really see the point of it. At elast, no on Maple Tour, where it costs 70 coins, but 150 couns will get m
  • D'oh! I just managed it, relatively easily. For some reason, I had believed that I could not consume any potions & was trying to make a run straight for the top. I can no longer rememebr why I thought that ... maybe relying on my pet for auto-…
  • OP here. I whizz through *all** NOC chat, then hit Q to see how many of what I need to kill. That has tripped me up less than a handful of times in 15 years and, when it does, I Google. Reading is not killing is not levelling ! Simples
  • Must have gotten suck somehow. I forfeited the quest & accepted it again. NP, just some dialog & it's done. Nothing to "look at", which I interpreted to mean hit/attack/talk to (none of which worked (obviously)).
  • yukimori wrote: » been playing for 15 years Me too F2 yukimori wrote: » BECUZ THE STORY IS INTERESING I honestly can't remember if it ever was. I think I read, in case, like interactive fiction, there were clues. But, maybe after the 3 month …
  • Thanks, both. I thought that I had to do all Temple of Time quests, but no. Just go to the proper map, like you say. Done now, yay !!
  • Thanks, guys. I think that my major problem was not realizing the significance of the blue bars and deliberately going put of them to let skill cooldowns pass and expecting HP/MP recovery - not the reverse. I also cranked my pet up from giving po…
  • Rexaar wrote: » If you can't one shot the monster, you are actually losing exp. So, are you saying that I should prioritize attacking V-matrix skills over the EXP from Decent Holy Symbol (thus being able to One Hit Kill)?
  • Thanks for that. I still don't understand speed. I mean, I know what the English word means, but my speed is 136%, and I don;t have any feel for what +1 would mean :-/ About Terminus Defender: I was using a Timeless Kite Shield, but now use a…
  • It's 3. maybe you are thinking of the guy outside, who opens a portal to let you in? IIRC, eh gives you a single key (?). Once inside, accept a quest, such as Gollux head (maybe even just chat to the NPC?) and you are given 3 keys. Can you exp…
    in About Gollux? Comment by Mawg May 2020