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  • Think About This when Cheating Online Games

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    Think about this, Nexon will generally extend events if issues arise early in the start of one or in the middle of one, and if you decided to wait too long to finish, that's your fault and don't mean " man, I should cheat this", it means you should wait for the event to come around again or an event that gives similar/same/better rewards (which happens almost all the time)

    Uhhhhhhh...... Did I forget to mention that each quest (including LTQs) can cripple you by limiting the amount of times you can clear this quest each day? Yeah. Lets say EG, this quest, (LTQ Name), is giving you a prize called "(Prize Name)" too good to resist if you can complete it within 18 days. You can only clear this quest 5 times a day per character. I have 9 characters to train and upgrade. If you can clear this quest 45 times within 18 days, you get the prize. So this leaves me an excess of 3 days. However, problems arise on the 3 excess days.

    And this is where I have to point out the thing that not everything is my fault. For EG, the lightening storm; a bolt of lightening hits the city's transformer, knocking out power to the whole city. This cuts my connection to the game as I have no power to use my computer! Worse is that if it's a laptop, it has no internet as the internet company has no power either! I wasn't responsible for summoning that lightening storm.

    This brings me to the next thing that isn't entirely my fault: the modem/router. From time to time, the modem randomly stops working properly (even though I ordered a very good modem from my service provider). I was never expecting my modem to go on the fritz at that moment.

    Now onto the real world. I used this dirt road as a shortcut to get to work and home many times before. It never gave me me problems. But one day all that changed; as I drove home on the dirt road, my front right tire unexpectedly pops. I stop to check. Soon, I find an old nail jabbed right into my tire. How was I suppose to know there was a nail hiding in this dirt and mud? It was never even there before!

    So all the above will tie in with the LTQ that I'm 99.99% (1 point/1 quest away) close to completing (still done fair and square), but then, one of these problems cuts my access to my computer or at least delays me from getting home! So after any of these similar problems, all my efforts to get this special equip/prize for 1 more of my characters just went up in smoke.

    I also work part time; 8 hours a day, 3 days a week. By the time I get home, I can hardly stay awake. To get rid of the drowsiness, I gotta take a nap. This cuts my interaction from this game. So what difference does a bot playing the game make compared to my human friend grinding for me?

    Dude just shut up!, and get banned silently, geez i hate you botters you have ruind GMS!
  • ★Give✰us KMS' Cash✰Shop Ui★

    Are we actually gonna get this? i mean in that cash shop we can view our items before equiping them. (kms just got that update a few months back)

    this will fix the reward points and having to go into the cash shop to "cash them in", with this version the reward points should automatically be added after you acquire them without the need to "Cash Them In".

    Currently in gms we Need to cash in after 10 instances of reward points, and sometimes the cash shop disconnects you or you'll get an error/black screen which requires to force exit through task manager and then restarting the game.
    ( in hopes of not getting another error) which sometimes happens right after you choose a world/chracter.

    PS. in kms they don't have 10 per reward points instances restriction, they do have a monthly limit though.

    PPS. By implementing the KMS Cash shop we will have less problems because kms supports and updates their cash shop regularly.

    + We get a brand spanking New Beautifully Designed Cash Shop Straight from KMS, also kms have had that cash shop since R.E.D if i'm not mistaken.
  • Phantom's "Carte Rose Finale" Skill is bugged

    This is still not fixed as of the 1st of July 2017.

    bumping for visibility.