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  • Better way to identify No boom AEE

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    A No-Boom AEE, is called a "High Quality Equip Enhancement Scroll" in MapleSEA, i think GMS should borrow that name.
    Borrowing it implies that we have to return later, right?

    Or, we can forget to Return it.
  • Better way to identify No boom AEE

    A No-Boom AEE, is called a "High Quality Equip Enhancement Scroll" in MapleSEA, i think GMS should borrow that name.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    ManiOh wrote: »
    nerfed flames that exisit lol ??
    think EMS flame system we had was best,since koreans team was there and said i guss they are giveing us their system
    i wonder if our "flames" that got changed in to stats will count as flames or extra stats( we cant see what flames we got)

    EMS' flames will just be visible again after the ARK update, ( currently in GMS flames are not updated to show the bonus stats as green numbers )
    so they just show them as merged stats ( it was like that up to the V update ) so i don't think EMS will have double flames or something.

    Also the flame is the item that you use to re-roll the bonus stats ( think of it as potential, you have Bonus potential )
    but if ems will have double flames then cheers, have fun with it i guess. :)
  • Poll: Anti-AFK mobs

    If the purpose is really for anti-afk, they should only be in maps in which you can afk in. From what I've noticed at least in Vanishing and Chu Chu, those areas have no place to afk in.

    These mobs were designed for KMS, to stop map ownerships. (That's a thing in KMS, these mobs were not designed to stop botters, because kms doesn't have those or a very minimal amount.)

    if let's say, a player AFK's in that map for 30 - 40min and does nothing then the mob is supposed to kill him, because KS stealing in kms can result in a ban, temp or a perm one. (they can use a lie detector, or even report to a player GM)

    this serve no purpose in gms, other then just to annoy legit players, as it was not meant to stop the botters nor does it bother them.

    i say we should get rid of it so if let's say, a player needs to use the bathroom for 5 min, he won't get killed and his exp lost.

    TL;DR : These mobs were designed to stop kms players from hogging maps, and are not good for gms in any way shape or form, remove them please.
  • How do I change guild's name?

    You could try and send a ticket, iirc after the merge back then you could send a ticket with the new guild name that you want, and if it's available they would change your guild name, i don't know if they still do this.

    Good Luck.