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  • Suggestion - A messaging system

    All the other regions of maplestory, always had and, still have the message/mail feature/system.
    In MSEA it's called a note:

    ~ Would be nice if the gms team could bring this back.
  • About 25* release

    Mohanad wrote: »
    any one saw that?!
    strongest thief in whole maplestory quit!!!!! CONGRATULATION NEXON!!

    Your'e one of the Very Few people that are complaining about this, overall this is a Really positive and a good change for the game's health and direction.
  • So many problems, no fixes what-so-ever !

    I'm tired and sick of nexon not fixing bonus stats and flames on non-kms equips, i'm tired of nexon not fixing the server lag on bera, not removing the botters and hackers, making nodestones dropped from mobs transferable through account and not fully tradeable, i'm tired that we can't freely trade nx items in the auction house like KMS can, i'm tired of having to spend either a TON of meso , or real world currency for ultra end-game items, i'm tired that Nexon america stopped loving this dear and beautiful game.

    LOOK at nexon korea, they also had a massive population due to tera burning (while gms has an influx of more botters/dupers/hackers you name it.....) so the servers started lagging or more like being unstable, so what did they do ?

    A. abandon ship
    B. nothing
    C. make a new server and restrict character creation to alleviate the lag (on the big 3 servers) and giving excellent compensation while they're at it and caring for the players and state of the game

    the correct answer is : .... C !

    Personally i'm tired of nexon america, they might try to do one thing (but fail at another 70 at the same time) they can't even fix bugs that have persisted for over 3 Years! (Cough Carte rose finale has been bugged on phantoms for more the 3 years now Cough,) why do we have to wait for nexon to fix the server lag only for it to come back a few months later, or for bug fixes (that should be fixed wayyyyy earlier)

    personally i'm gonna be taking a break and possibly looking for another maplestory service, cause in a simple word; i'm tired of nexon america's bullshit

    PS. as this is the "Rants and Raves section' there you go i raved and ranted, so don't go telling me you can't say X thing or X that this is what this section is meant for.

    PPS. iv'e seen spadow mention on twitter that "The global MapleStory developer team was increased and now contains 70 people"
    i guess that was only for PR. (because i started to get my hopes up, a truly grave mistake)
  • Flames not working right on non-kms items?

    So the problem is that Non-KMS items are considerd: Non-Boss Equips. (Non-Boss Equips get Tiers 1~7, and a random amount of bonus stat lines between 1~4)
    Boss Equips are guaranteed: 4 Bonus stat lines (and Tiers: 3~6 with Powerful, Tiers: 4~7 with Eternal)

    So for ex: on a pensalir you can get a range from: 1~7 Bonus stat tier and a random amount of bonus stat lines between 1~4.
    while on a Root Abyss top you can get a range from: 3~6 (powerful), 4~7 (eternal) and guaranteed 4 Bonus stat lines.

    Tier 7 All Stat% (7%) on Pensalir gear aka Non-Boss equips (with 2 bonus stat lines cause non-boss equip) in KMS:

    To fix Non-KMS items, GMS should make all equips that are dropped by non-kms bosses be classified as Boss Equips, like gollux and sweetwater
    (yes even sweetwater accessories, since tyrants in kms and gms also get 4 bonus stat lines and are not part of a boss set but are dropped by magnus)