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  • Beast tamer Bugs noticed

    Bisa wrote: »

    i am on of the few Beast Tamer main here and i have noticed that when i die with the bear reborn buff on, the respawn window doesnt show and i have to log out and back in to play. my biggest question was : is the Beast Tamer a forgotten class that only get fixes/buffs when available to create? i am asking this because i really love the concept and the class but i dont feel like the class is getting as much support as the other classes. i have checked the mapleSea BEYOND update and no other 5th job skill is announced for BT (even zero has one) and the one we currently have is really underwhelming. in conclusion, i really wish BT gets some nice buffs in the future or at least his bugs fixed.

    PS: in Dimension invasion PQ, everytime i kill a mob i get lagspikes.

    Although the issues that have been reported have indeed been pushed. You're not wrong in suspecting that BT is like a 'forgotten' class. There were a lot of issues with BT in the past (according to threads and reddit posts) that were never addressed for a long time. BT is considered a low tier class and every time Nexon fixes something regarding BT, something else breaks. Granted, BT has the most skills, so there's more chances of something being broken.

    Beast Tamer will be available again (finally) on June 7th and I plan on 2nd maining the class! Here's hoping Lil fort gets fixed, and nothing else breaks for their long awaited return. Why does Nexon not just allow BT to be made, always? Who knows.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    iHappyFox wrote: »
    Would love to see the Izuna hair and Takenokono Hair since I missed them earlier that year.

    Far Left one being Takenokonoko's Hair

    Would love to have that Izuna hair!

    Although, if Soprano hair even comes back. Will do everything I can to get that instead :3
  • Whats your favorite boss?

    I'm a huge fan of Lucid. Lucid is an incentive to me to get to 220 and beat her on Easy when she arrives for Beyond (Override). Her OST is absolutely amazing, Lachelein is overall the coolest place in all of Maple. And Nightmare Clocktower is the best as well.

    But Yeah Lucid is just really awesome :D

  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    Raining wrote: »
    SadVirgin wrote: »
    This is actually hilarious.
    Okay Nexon...

    So let me summarize what happened:

    1. You tried to earn money from your Reboot player base by placing medals in your crossover box (10 more attack). Understandable. You're a business.
    2. Community made a "backlash," and you "listened to your community" by twisting their words. You somewhat did your job, but definitely wrongly.
    3. You found a "loophole" in your community's words and decided to add unique pot scrolls and apples because we didn't explicitly say you couldn't. Either one of these... is so so much more than 10 more attack. My rich cousin can now skip weeks of farming in a blink of an eye! Let's hear it for the pay2win-able unique pots!
    4. Event is now, and people will have gained access to pay2win for unique pot scrolls and apples, so it's "too late" to revert. Onyx apple training ohmygod!!! #2008

    From what I can tell, it seems like you're skimming your community's words from pure obligation. Then you're "fixing" the community problem before trying to find a new way to earn the lost profit. Not sure how obvious it is that trying to pull a fast one on us is not going to end well.

    Can we just get the medals? We understand that you don't mind blowing up your Reboot philosophy, so why are you hindering us now? Do you hate us?

    I wouldn't even say they "found a loophole". They know exactly what the community is talking about. They simply spat in our face yet again. I'm pretty damn sure their thought process was "Even though we are still going against their wishes, this won't hurt as much. They will move on, we get monies, yay." It is clear Nexon has no ability to think up better ideas that would benefit ALL of their players AND help build their business.

    It's not like they hate their players. It's just that they give no [Removed] about them. The survey and everything else literally was all a waste of time and an act. They've done literally nothing we've suggested, no real answers whatsoever, no replies in the slightest. They've lied about countless things, all the time. They know nothing about their game!
  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    SadVirgin wrote: »
    This is actually hilarious.