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Just a Reboot F/P Mage main.
  • Remove Maple tour from Reboot

    GAMBlT wrote: »
    It blows my mind that people are really complaining about maple tour and the F2P integrity of Reboot when the game is barely even playable with botched DMTs and server lag more often than not. Like I would gladly pay to win in Reboot at this point if it meant Nexon Korea giving a damn about the state of GMS.

    Compromising the entire point of the server that the majority of the population is on for the sake of "Please notice me senpai" will also blow up in their face.
    If Nexon doesn't understand players, even if they're paying attention to them, it solves absolutely nothing.
  • I just feel disrespected.

    Welcome to non-KMS content please enjoy your stay.
    I think Nexon woke up one day and decided that they weren't really willing to support non-KMS content properly anymore.
    All the chaos and horrible legacy content giving older players advantage is because of this decision.
    If Nexon really doesn't want to do non-KMS content properly anymore, they really need to just rip the bandage off and go full 1:1 KMS clone.
    Then at least players know what they get is going to have long-term support by nexon and new players won't get the shaft constantly.

    GMS is going through a phase of self-discovery imo and Nexon isn't exactly sure of where they want to go with GMS.
    They have a desire to make more money with it as they know it has potential, but they aren't paying close enough attention to figure out how.
    Listening to your userbase blindly is a bad idea but Nexon should be able to wade through the toxic people and find those few hidden nuggets of gold and listen to these people. This is what a community manager is all about. If things are going to work out Nexon needs to have more transparency.

    If players just knew what the hell Nexon was thinking, what they wanted and what was happening in the background they wouldn't be as mad about everything.
    Nexon really needs to communicate more and for awhile there it really looked like they were doing just that. However they seemed to have backed down on the idea of constantly releasing new memos and familiar system seems to go backwards with what players thought they were doing.
    Nobody can really tell what Nexon's plan for the future of GMS is. All we want is to know what to expect. Security is a basic necessity for human comfort.
  • Code Optimization for DMT

    This suggestion is extremely flawed and it would hurt to try.
    Say hello to hackers giving themselves perfect potentials.
    This is absolutely something that has to be server sided.

    Anything that doesn't run server-sided is exposed to hackers on the client side.
    This is why hackers can do full map attacks or increase attack speed and such, because they can tell the game they're doing just that.
    When the server asks "So what happened?" Their client just responds with a happy "I hit everything."
    The same thing would happen with cubes.
    Your client would roll the new stats and the server would ask "What did you get?" To which a hacked client would just say "I got 3L Prime."
  • Overalls vs Top + Bottom

    Certainly there's clutter and some redesigns that need to happen to make these redundant things more of an optional choice.
    Similar to how explorer mages can use wand for crit rate or staff for more damage. Something should be changed to add some variety imo.
  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    Reboot also has less systems in place leading to overall less damage but bosses are the same power.
    Not only this but damage reduction on mobs is also of a stronger effect. Mobs also have more HP than reg servers.
    It's not just a "community made stereotype", Reboot is harder for multiple reasons.

    Reboot is still mostly free of pay to win, right now it's only pay to be slightly more lazy, but yes even that should be given the boot as that's a dangerous and slippery slope.