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The meaning of life is what life means to you.
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Just a Reboot F/P Mage main.
  • Don't worry Reboot people :)

    Can't wait to get compensated for an event I didn't even try to attend.
  • Code Optimization for DMT

    This suggestion is extremely flawed and it would hurt to try.
    Say hello to hackers giving themselves perfect potentials.
    This is absolutely something that has to be server sided.

    Anything that doesn't run server-sided is exposed to hackers on the client side.
    This is why hackers can do full map attacks or increase attack speed and such, because they can tell the game they're doing just that.
    When the server asks "So what happened?" Their client just responds with a happy "I hit everything."
    The same thing would happen with cubes.
    Your client would roll the new stats and the server would ask "What did you get?" To which a hacked client would just say "I got 3L Prime."
  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    Reboot also has less systems in place leading to overall less damage but bosses are the same power.
    Not only this but damage reduction on mobs is also of a stronger effect. Mobs also have more HP than reg servers.
    It's not just a "community made stereotype", Reboot is harder for multiple reasons.

    Reboot is still mostly free of pay to win, right now it's only pay to be slightly more lazy, but yes even that should be given the boot as that's a dangerous and slippery slope.
  • Best job for returned members

    The "best job" to start off with would be Mercedes, due to the fact that she gives a 15% EXP bonus with her link skill at level 120.
    That said, most people I know don't actually like her character.
    As far as "best job" that highly depends on your personal tastes, nobody can tell you what that is without knowing you.

    You could jump into one of the newer classes for their better early game kit, characters like Adele, Pathfinder, Cadena, Ark, Hoyoung.
    However these classes might spoil you if you ever want to go for grinding up mules like explorers, which have far worse kits in the early game.
    It just depends on how you perceive things and want to advance.

    Personally, because any serious player will have to go through the motions at some point or another, I would highly recommend this order.
    Mercedes to 120: +15% EXP Link bonus | 3% cooldown reduction (4% if you get to 140)
    Evan to 120: +50% Rune buff duration | 70% chance to recover 4% max MP on attack (6% at 140)
    Aran to 120: +650% EXP from Combo orbs | 70% chance to recover 4% max HP on attack (6% at 140)

    If you are on a regular server you might consider Zero as your 4th character, due to zero getting an EXP buff for their legion board bonus.
    However you will have to complete parts of their story to unlock this, so that's up to you.

    All three of these will increase EXP gained and make future characters that much easier. Plus the healing reduces somewhat the need for potions.
    These characters have bonuses that are basically designed for new accounts and I wouldn't recommend any other classes for serious players to start with.
    For the second bonus (HP/MP recovery and cooldown reduction) you'll have to unlock your legion grid, which will mostly likely happen with your 4th or 5th character, assuming you bring them all up to 120~140.

    Once you have these characters what you might want to do is create a Kanna, currently the best class for farming.
    However she's in a bit of a weird spot right now and might not be the best character for that in the future.
    My suggestion after you finish Mercedes/Evan/Aran is to just play a lot of characters up to 140 until you find one that you really enjoyed.
    Watch some videos on that class either for grind or bossing and decide if you like it. Bring that class up to 200 (5th job) and work on mules in the background.
  • It's Time to Stop Giving Nexon Money

    Eikahe wrote: »
    Korean devs have never once cared about us. They still don't care. We don't make them money. Stop believing they'll change anything for us, because they won't and never will. They still take your money and give you nothing in return.

    If this was true there wouldn't be a Global MapleStory in the first place, you said it yourself, they don't care, we don't make them money.
    What's the point of keeping GMS open if both of these statements are true? Stop using hyperbole.