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  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    Deletion of posts asking for compensation as well. Bebe box compensation isn't enough to keep the player base happy. I hope your team chooses well on how to handle this compensation, unless will have another Maplestory 2 catastrophe where its 1 bad choice after another until the server dies out. This is a terrible experience for brand new players and hope there is some investment in the server capacity and quality going forward.

    No posts on the forum have been deleted. There is an open thread asking for compensation here:

    Multiple ranting threads were merged together into a single thread, which is still open.
  • What are the "epic heroes of maple" quests?

    You do not need to go to the summit for the 5th job quests. The hidden portal for the Tynerum goddess is located somewhere in the upper stem (Upper Left Stem, Upper Stem Crossroad, and Upper Right Stem).

    Heroes of Maple is a blockbuster (set after the Black Heaven blockbuster, but you can complete these in any order you so choose) available by going to the Dimensional Mirror, selecting the Ereve Conference Pavillion, and speaking with NPC Moco. It's a large glowing archway located on the left part of the map.
    Heroes of Maple is not needed to complete 5th job, but it is needed if you wish to fight Damien as a boss later on.
  • Developer Stance Feedback/Suggestion

    This is cool, but it doesnt fix my star dust or medals problem, nor the 2 rows of ETC tab items ive accumulated from doing questlines, such as the Ellinel fairy forest play stuff and the excess black trash bags from Edelstein.

    You can sell items to NPC shops regardless of the restriction. The restriction only affects player-to-player trade.
    New accounts will be unable to trade with other players, purchase or post items in Auction House, or drop items or mesos in fields. They are still able to buy and sell items from NPC Shops, and transfer items and mesos to other characters on the same account through their Storage.
  • Master and Meister cubes untradable.

    DarkDave wrote: »
    don't forget this "[Updated June 9] You can no longer harvest or mine in maps that are 20 levels above your character’s level."
    so, no more cubes from low lvl maps

    Above your level. You can still mine ores in low-level maps.
  • Can't Complete Quest

    Who are you trying to turn the quest in to?

    After defeating 100 Mean Mama Monkeys, you're supposed to go inside the temple and turn in the quest to Master Loong, not Chan.