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for anyone that wants to help list of suggestions


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  • Is anyone still getting kicked out the server?

    Well I think either I like it or not I just joined the club of getting dc randomly lol regardless of world yea even reboot is kicking me out for some reason and I don't even have characters there, but it doesn¨t crash the game tho
  • KMS vs Black Mage - The Result

    Nexon Korea dropped the ball, they could have made it the most epic stuff ever but meh, nothing they do is going to be worse than ruining the game with the big-bang
    Maybe the branch in USA actually makes it better

    I used to imagine it, like a final last stand against all commanders backing the black mage, one last time and every player is invited to the fight with no restrictions

    The black mage would summon them all and make them stronger "chaos" so you had to fight all of them one after another in chronological order, weakest to strongest or all at the same time considering it would be like a massive lag mess maybe is better to fight one after another

    Oh maybe a maple world war, I mean in the background all the people you help in maple world dealing with mobs and instructors and the masters of all classes helping out fighting as well in other words, a worldwide invasion thing where all mobs and bosses of their own areas spawn in towns and people fight them
    then after all the towns are safe everyone is called to sleepy-wood cause all the commanders are reunited there and slowly taking down one after another
    the party ends at balrog sanctuary where all fight the black mage and when he is about to die instead is eaten by a massive balrog and then the missing transcendent shows up to take over everything leading to a clash of two ridiculously powerful beings (spoiler balrog owns and becomes even more powerful) and that would end with
    an almost unbeatable boss, when defeated by all the players a cut scene, should play how it dies by everyone combined efforts then showing how everything is peace people and monsters helping each other ending with zooming out of a big maple tree as it turns into the last page of a book that is presumably being closed by your character that book being MapleStory

    that would be so marvelous but I guess the reality isn't going to turn out like that
    there is soo many options to make it amazing and allow everyone to participate not just level 250+ folks
  • World Merge FAQ

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    No one is losing anything.
    I'll take the bait lol

    If you took the time to read and actually understand what it means to transfer all the accounts data, you should know there is always a chance for loss of something I mean they already stated it in the faq so yes people MAY lose things in this not just characters in other worlds even if is temporarily that's still a loss
    "Due to the complexity of account-shared quests, there is a small chance that some quest progression may not be completely transferred during the merge"

    I don't know if you are trolling in denial or just ignore the fact that a lot of people left/quit/couldn't play after big bang update there were more than a dozen people affected
    Oh, by the way, those you referred to as "vocal dozen-odd people" had nothing but passion for this game you know? let me remind you at least WE tried to help the community with ideas for a better maple only to be shut down by the community or censored by the admins as well that's why you only saw a few attempts

    Actually, you know what? I want to be wrong so bad!!! nothing shall go wrong in this merge right? right... =(
  • World Merge FAQ

    I don't like this transfer shenanigans Nexon is pulling off, if players lose characters or progress in some way like items/monster collection/codex/achievements/quests in progress/etc... data in general from their past mapling, just so they don't have to maintain "dead" servers is telling enough about the status of the game right now

    In my opinion, despite possibly being censored or something I'll say this

    People over the years asked for classic servers for a reason and it wasn't just to suffer in very painful low exp rates and big maps and less content or to stay afk all day in Henesys WE had a very important thing back then

    Nexon took away from Maplestory something very important for any successful mmo, a very important thing being to enable players to cooperate
    Of course, players are also partially to blame me included for letting this mess reach this low,

    Welp I started rambling again my point is the game would benefit from a restart err please no reboot or big bang those didn't work

    I could be wrong but just making the player FEEL needed in the group/party would make a difference, not just a player being carried to "insert boss name" after they reach lv 200+ that will happen only when solo play is not "the best way to play" or the mindset of competition from players change to cooperation, maybe is too late for this

  • Favorite Class in MapleStory?

    i had one before bigbang... not anymore but i still play uh still i have a few more classes left to play with but i dunno
    am going to try wild hunter now