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  • Official Discord Feedback Thread

    It would probably be better if more employees from Nexon were active on the discord or at the very least available for questions; etc. We all know how horrible the customer service is and most players have just accepted that is how it is going to be, but better communication from the actual decision makers (Anna? Korean Devs? I don't even know who we want to talk to) would be nice. People say that Nexon does not care about Nexon America because it is only 5% of Nexon's revenue, I disagree with that statement, Nexon is allegedly worth billions, so 5% is still enough to run this game and communicate properly. Nexon can't expect a few people to moderate a discord server 24/7 for free with absolutely no incentives. To add on to that, the amount of death threats, doxx threats, and hate the VFM's get is another reason why people do not want to take on that role, people do NOT like Nexon as a company right now [look at reddit] and those people will come for anyone that is even remotely associated with the company (I know that VFM's aren't associated with Nexon, but they are basically working for free for Nexon.)

    TLDR: Where's Anna?
  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!

    "Do you have an ETA for when new words will be removed?

    Not at the moment, we are collecting feedback weekly though."

    This thread was created in January 2018, over 2 years ago. What is the point of collecting weekly feedback if it takes over 2 years for Nexon to even look at it?
  • Get Rid of The In-Game Censor *SHOCKING* Storytime

    I want to start this thread off by telling a story. Now, this story might be shocking so please make sure there are absolutely no children or dogs around when you are reading this. If you have a cat around they can stay as they are strong and independent enough that they can handle the truth of what is about to unfold before your eyes. Lets get on with it shall we?

    It was a dark, stormy night. Coronavirus was spreading. Maplers were eager to farm their Juniper Berry Seed Oils to sell to Fawko for 7Mil Mesos each *cough cough still buying tho Berans* Fawko quickly charges $900 on his mother's credit card while she's out buying him cheez-it's and mountain dew from the local grocery store. He knows he has to act quickly because if she catches him in the act he will get ten lashings. He also knows that he needs to obtain the MVP Diamond megaphones to reach all the Maplers and make them his slaves. His heart is racing as he is angerly loading those God Damn GoCash cards 30 minutes at a time because they need to verify his God Damn identity every God Damn time. To slow down the rate at which Mama Fawko gets home from the store, he had to keep calling her and asking for more snacks to bring to his dark, gloomy cave in the basement of her 1950's rustic cottage. Alas, Fawko finally achieved every 14 year old girl's dream. M V P D I A M O N D Status. He feels like a freaking Greek God. Now that the rest of the players know how rich and powerful this cat is, it is time to execute the plan. The ol' give and take. He will use one of those megaphones that he just spent $900 of his mother's money to obtain, offer a little MVP EXP Buff for the community, and use that same megaphone to plant his sinister desires to profit off the slavery of thousands of Maplers. "MVP BUFF @ CH19 ARD @ XX:30 B>juniperseedoil7m" Fawko recites over and over in his head. He almost chants it like a psychopath would before eating their victim's brains. He types it up, starts giggling like a freakin school girl when he is about to press "Ok" because he knows that he will make at least 3 Million mesos per potion he's about to make off these Oils. After much excitement he finally presses "Ok" And...

    *TRIGGER WARNING* What you are about to see next might shock you...

    His message was censored. Fawko SCREAMS at the top of his lungs. He just wasted $900 to achieve MVP Diamond Status only to be censored by the very hands he is feeding. After crying for 20 minutes, Fawko smacks himself in the face and looks at the megaphone message again. He pauses. He looks at it again. He does quicc maths in his head and comes to the conclusion that he has no idea why he was censored!! "juni*****edsoil" juniper seed oil per se "perse" perse perse perse perse perse. Fawko repeats this word in his head. What the fawk is a perse? Like a fish out of water, Fawko takes to the google.
    "by or in itself or themselves; intrinsically."
    Fawko has no idea what that means, for he is a college drop out and in general not a very smart person. But one thing Fawko DOES know is that sometimes words don't just mean what they mean. Know what I mean? So he decided to consult the experts...
    *Definition courtesy of urbandictionary.com* *all bad words have been censored from this definition to prevent Nexon from deleting this post* I would like to add that there is nothing too wildly offensive about being pretentious, one of the requirements to be an active MapleStory player is that you have that characteristic. So in my book, it should be allowed.

    Well, we have consulted google and now the true experts of defining definitions at urbandictionary. Per se is not a bad word, per se. So what is the real issue here? Did Nexon pay some monkeys to write a list of "bad words" to censor in their video games? Is "perse" a Korean word for fawk? Well I don't know about you, but I demand answers! Nexon, we want to know why perse is censored, and what we really want is the fawking censorship of MapleStory abolished. This thread is a cry to help for Nexon to allow me, and the rest of the other Maplers in MapleStory to say the phrase "per se" freely and ALSO allow the words "Juniper Seed Oil" to be said without censorship. There are many, many more off-the-wall phrases or words that are censored in MapleStory that maybe someone can comment because I am too lazy to find the list, but it happens on the regular. I am sure you have thousands of pissed off customers who paid $1.30 USD for an item megaphone to show off their new shiny piece of gear and insult their best friend only to be hit with the ol' Nexon censor in the middle of their megaphone for a random word that isn't at all offensive or inappropriate. Thank you for reading my story and I hope this inspires you all to stand up for what is right.

  • Feedback on the Masteria Content Rework

    Things that I like:
    1. The artwork of the area is cool now.

    Things that should be revised or added:
    1. There is a massive problem with memory leaking in this area. I think every player is getting this issue where their maplestory process is using almost all of their computer's power because there is some kind of issue leaking the memory.
    2. The coin costs for the starforce system is insane. It looks like someone who doesn't play the game made this content and they didn't test it out to see how long it would take to enhance the gear.
    3. The sanity system could probably be revamped to not be so bad. I think a lot of players don't like the shaking of the screen.
    4. CWKPQ should be brought back or the area should get an expansion to do something with the castle. Right now entering the last portal just triggers a cutscene every time you enter in it. The possibilities for this are endless. They could make a Party Quest that rewards more Shadowknight coins or something of that sort.
  • Jett Skill Revamp RANT