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  • Potential Badges

    PirateIzzy wrote: »
    Pottable badges were restricted due to orders from KMS not wanting us to have better badges than the KMS meta. Why go for the Black Mage badge when we have Ghost Ship Exorcist, and all that. I agree that it was a poorly thought out decision, but honestly the only way I see them returning is if KMS makes them the new meta.

    This makes no sense, you will still go for black mage for the weapon, so having a better badge before black mage is fine , theres no issue with that, they should improve BMs badge, not remove the ghost ship.
  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    It's an MMO. It's not supposed to be fast paced. Time gates exist as a method to give players something to always strive for.
    They're a required part of MMOs, get used to it.

    True but a month is a bit excessive, and doesn't justify turning Gollux into a Lotus for no reason. I can understand making it more of a 180 boss, a thing closer to CRA, but if its true that it even 16mil characters can't dent him, and that the rewards remain the same despite the godly buff Hellux got, then its not really good. With CRA, Lotusmien, and the Arcane River Grind, we got way too much unreachable and time consuming stuff to "strive for" in MapleStory, even when compared to other MMOs.

    heck im 40k stat and fking need to burst with every single skill i got to be able to kill itt, its even harder that cpap to me , which makes NO SENSE AT ALL FOR OLD CONTENT NEXON.
    I like the gollux restock but i dont think it was necessary to freaking buff that much gollux and make the restockable items such a time gated thing.
  • Thank you nexon for the compensation

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    first time i can take advantage, avoid all most major issues ,play other games
    then come back and just log to a "compesation" and a game that runs somewhat "okey"

    feels weird but geting slowly funded without playing and dealing with the issues its nice
    enough of that waiting for "maintenance to end for hours" , "i cant login" , "game starts to redownload because of broken and not tested patch files" and so much more issues-"stress" that comes on each update for the upcomeing days that can be avoided

    again thanks for the great bebe box and all the live server testers in the last few days :)

    you only get compensation if u logged in during those days, so u actually have to have played the game to get the box.
  • Are you kidding me

    IMO, they should eliminate the rng **** and make all nx perma , that way id be more inclined to actually buy nx. Cuz at the moment i dont feel motivated at all to spend a single dollar/euro on this game.
  • allow 2 accounts on the same pc u cowards

    kishin needs to disappear and fury totem needs to be greatly improved, like make it 24h, or increase the duration like 6 hours, and only consume the time if u cast the frenzy .
    Also you could increase general spawn rate to kishin level annd make that the max amount of mobs a map can have, so that frenzy totem cant increase it even further.
    Or add kishin node, kishin link skill or w.e.
    The fact that this game requires 2 pcs to play it efficiently is stupid. Every single person i tell this gets amazed at how ridiculous it is