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  • allow 2 accounts on the same pc u cowards

    kishin needs to disappear and fury totem needs to be greatly improved, like make it 24h, or increase the duration like 6 hours, and only consume the time if u cast the frenzy .
    Also you could increase general spawn rate to kishin level annd make that the max amount of mobs a map can have, so that frenzy totem cant increase it even further.
    Or add kishin node, kishin link skill or w.e.
    The fact that this game requires 2 pcs to play it efficiently is stupid. Every single person i tell this gets amazed at how ridiculous it is
  • Reasons I will never ever ever buy a surprise box

    1)RNG boxes that are bought with real money should be banned.
    2) Too expensive
    3) too many awfull items and just 1 or 2 nice
    4)idk if all nx items u get are perma or not
    5) All nx clothes and items should be perma like in kms
    6) Id personally spend more real money on nx that i know i will get, like, just buy tthe clothes, and be perma, rather than just spending money on rng ****.
    Thats why i like the perma outfits tthey release every now and then, cuz they are PERMA and cuz it has no RNG at all.
    Same goes with pet boxes.
  • Remove maple point Maple Tour passes; Ursus

    The fact that they introduced p2w in rebooot is already enfuriating enough
  • Kanna old Kishin

    we225 wrote: »

    This is super late but I was always confused on why they nerfed kish? I thought kish was amazing how it used to be and now the respawn rates just feel so slow. I feel like a lot of people would agree and would want the old kish to be back because the kish nerf is literally just making us progress slower when progression is already hella slow.

    It wasnt nerfed, according to them the fact that spawn was that high was because of a bugg that made the 2nd time.u did kishin actually stack with the first one and increase spawn more than usual
  • Maple story classic

    This has already been discussed and no, the game was really bad back then. No one wants this. You just miss being young, thats it.