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  • Where's Anna?

    iMrChiefy wrote: »
    Theres 100% no point in writing this post because none of our feedback or suggestions ever get implemented but im writing it anyway.

    Firstly i wanna say, nexon needs to htfu and sell their shares to whoevers offering while theres still a fighting chance for this game and its community.
    Secondly once they do sell their shares they can take Anna with them coz she does jack but implement content that no one ever wanted or asked for.
    Where is anna? How many times have you seen those words on a post?
    She ruins our game like she ruined ems and goes a-wall. How many servers does ems have now after shes worked there? Exactly

    Dont come over here and start throwing kms in our faces. we don't want it, our game was better off when you werent apart of it. Go back to the servers you killed already. Or at the very least, ask the community what they would like implemented. Dont just change things.

    Words from Anna herself: What I want to tell our players is that maintaining a stable and enjoyable service will be our top priority so we will do our best to stabilize the game environment and to update our game with exciting contents as well as to provide information that can help our players to understand our direction. We will also consider all the various angles when we make decisions.
    really anna? Doesnt seem like it. Actually seems like the opposite. Havent seen a word from you since that post.

    Lets have a look at what anna's done for us so far shall we?

    How many legit players were falsely banned recently?

    How many people were banned before suicide kanna was deemed an exploit?

    I have muscle memory of how i do gollux. years worth of muscle memory. And all of those strategies dont work anymore so all thats left is exploiting iframes to avoid his mechanics, which is something i cant even do because my ping is like 150, im dead before i even see his hand come up without fail. Cant jump down anymore through his hand because Anna. Cant lay down to avoid it either, coz Anna

    Want a potable badge for your new char? Too bad, coz Anna.

    Thanks anna! Love what youre doing mate. Keep at it, keep providing our game with exciting new "contents" and stabilisation. Even though you literally encourage players to afk on the servers that are run on windows 98. Youre really making sure its enjoyable for us!

    Wheres familiars? Been gone since april. No words spoken about how theyre fixing what never needed to be fixed in the first place.

    Wanna kishin for your friends so they can level their mules faster?

    How about starting a beast tamer?

    Ever seen a nexon employee post on your discussions? Neither have i

    I bet you could guess every word of the reply i got after sending a ticket about suggestions or feedback about the game.

    Theres even a reddit for maplestory, any nexon employees there? Nope. Its filled with memes and complaints about how bad they are as a company.

    The relationship between nexon and its community is so bad that they had to implement a rule that we cant "crusade" against them. I mean damn nexon cmon. How about YOU stop crusading against US and leave since you give 0 F's about what we want.

    Nexon literally has people crashing cars into their building, wanting to sue them for false bans and instant closed tickets. Like what is it gonna take for nexon to be like okay, yeah enough is enough we need to listen to our players? If someone crashing a car into your building isnt enough for you to make changes then theres no hope.

    Crashign in the building? Suing them? The **** is wrong with people, is a game ffs. Chill out. If you dont like the changes just quity and find a better game. There are hundreds of thousands of games out there that are 1) less pay to win and 2) way cheaper and more enjoyable .
  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    JeepJit wrote: »
    As the title says, I don get it!

    because obviously, nexon prioritices the servers that give more revenue over the opnes that dont. come on man.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    We just want a 24 hour DMT with a normal cube sale. It really isn't much to ask.

    i agree, 24hr would fit everyone from all around the world, so we could avoid having to wake up at 2 or 4 am just to play an event, like its so stupid if you think about it.
  • Make nightghosht guide proc when jumping

    Not being able to proc it when using shikigami haunnting and jumping isnt a good desig imo, its not logical to force the player to not jump whenn its a feature of the game.
    Also id love to get more skills to proc nightgosht guide pls, kanna has a lot of skills yet without many procing it youre oblied to use only a small kit otherwise you dont have 100%kish uptime.
    Also the new kishin cd feature is extremelly annoyig and not rewarding for the players ad community. nexon please stop punishing players for wanting to play the game.

    riza wrote: »
    darik wrote: »
    For some reasonn, and its been goinng on for a very loooong time already, when i enter in maplestory website, my browser says its not a safe one, idk why, but it should be looked into.

    Well from my tech experience could be a virus or a plugin you downloaded. I say to maybe uninstall any new plugins you installed and try it, if it doesn't work then you can uninstall browser and reinstall. if you have saved stuff on it it should be all saved with your Gmail.

    That what I would think that would cause it, but gl with your browser issue. ;)

    Its not a virus nor a pluging cuz it appears exactly the same on a brand new computer i juat bought.