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  • We need to revamp our bosses!!!!!

    riza wrote: »
    Today the discussion is about revamping already existing bosses or pq to increase activity or gameplay. If there was a boss to revamp which one would you want to revamp? Also, what would you recommend if they were to consider revamping these said bosses?

    I had always liked Ice Knight and always wonder why they haven't revamped or brought back the boss. I think if there was a way to bring it back in Ursus fashion where u can go in with 12-18 people and fight similar to Ursus I think it would be fun. Also, they can add in rewards like Mesos or coins for funding.

    Arkarium without a doubt, id do a hard mode that drops dominator pendant way more often than normal, but also make it harder to kill, like it has the powers of the trascendant of time if im correct yet is so weak... come on nexon.
  • Greetings from CM Kyrios

    Welcome to MS man, i hope you have a good time as this games CM =) .
    2 CMs means double the chances of nexon listenign to the communitys suggestions and feedback and also talking to the community ! =D
  • Test your game next time Nexon

    yeh, idk why kms has a ts for players but gms doesnt.
  • Maplestory still healthy ?

    maplestory was never healthy , idk what youre talking about.
  • Where's Anna?

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    where is ghiblee aswell...
    other then robotic generated messages on forum and reddit and excuse like " is beyond Community Manager's capabilities"
    and the streams what happend ?
    from weekly streams -> every other week (bi weekly) -> to streams for PR only once in a while like promote "big" updates -> no streams

    MEMOs become true MEME-Os
    we still dont know anna and ghiblee and we dont see them either talk to us ( other then general template generated responses from ghiblee )
    it was not the case when aru and savageace did communicate with us

    i agree, shouldnt memos be about the issues that the game has and how they are trying to fix them? Or about communicating why they are nerfing certain stuff and buffing another. Memos shouldnt be about future events since we got KMS , which is 6 months ahead, we know whats comming in the next months, so its not useful at all to make a memo about future events. Id rather see one where they cover why they nerfed kishin, acknowledging the fact that people is pissed off by that, what are they doing to deal with hackers, talk about the normal servers economy being weird these days, considering lowering starforcing prices, etc etc.