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  • Which ranged Explorer class is Fun?

    Pathfinder is an explorer btw
  • [Request] Any player with the updated gamefiles?

    Y u dont want to use steam? O.o , to me i switched from nexon launcher to steam and its been a much smoother experience
  • Watch me predict the holiday patch notes

    Coin shop is good this year, we just need more restocked nodes and symbols that plus a few other events like capping coins and some storyline is fine to me.
    What else do u want? Holidays are a ver bussy time both for students cuz they have exams after and for ppl with a job that it usually increases and its a time to br eith familly and such , so u dont have much time left to play maplestory.
    To me im fine with just a few events and game improvements and some dmt cube sale or 2x meso and exp.
  • Is Maplestory ever going to get optimized?

    I just wanted to put that question out there. Optimization is key in any good game, even someone who doesn't understand a thing about technology or programming would agree that fast + efficient = good. Yet, I'm not seeing a single thing about Maplestory done right in terms of performance. I just don't get it, do the developers even care? I don't have the greatest PC system, but it IS capable of running 3D games perfectly fine.

    In case you didn't realize (sarcasm), Maplestory is a 2D game. Not a single bit of 3D modeling involved in the gameplay. It's completely flat. You can pretty much make an exact copy of Maplestory on C#. It'll be a large file, but I'm pretty sure it's completely doable. I just find it completely ridiculous that this game has hardly changed in the performance department for how old it is. They should be releasing patches every week, at the least, in order to ensure optimal performance. They might do some bug fixes, or release new characters, or make new maps- but honestly, as a player, I WANT OPTIMIZATION. I would rather they do that than anything else.

    It's incredibly frustrating when you buy a new keyboard because you thought that your old one had broken when some of your key presses weren't registering at a very frequent rate- only to realize that it's just because of garbage programming. There is nothing more frustrating than dying to mobs 10+ levels below you just because your character wasn't responding for however many seconds it took for you to run out of potions and then watch your health bar slowly chip away until it hits 0. By "you" I mean "me."

    I entirely believe that Maplestory is a decent game (performance aside) because it's quite unique. I think that if Maplestory started small advertisements on Youtube or some sort of social media platform, they'd easily rake in a few thousand new players. BUT. If that's every going to happen, they've first got to fix their bloody code. No new player is going to want to play a wreck of a game like this. Why would they? There's tons of other games out there that have the latest and greatest in terms of tech and software. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Maplestory needs 4k graphics- in fact, I'd rather they kept it the way it looks now. It's a part of Maplestory's appeal and I like it. BUTT. They need to optimize, like seriously optimize. Right now, the game rolls just about as smoothly as a cube downhill. It's terrible. Please, for the love of God and ice cream, fix the game.

    Funny thing is i can run a much more complex 3d game like rainbow 6 but everytime i play kanna i constantly get lag spikes that the anti hack system thinks its a hack and disconnects me , which is super annoying specially when ure using exp/meso/item drop coupons.
    Also i constantly get lag spikes and my screen gets frozen for a few seconds for up to a minute that ive never had when playing games like world of warcraft, rainbow 6 or guild wars.
  • Maple Relay

    Obviously, I didn't join the event on the exact day or few days but the problem that was holding me down from being able to start maple relay was finishing the black heaven which I didn't know cause I assumed its hard to finish e.g you need 500k-800k range and the 150 star force which took me a really long time cause I'm a casual player. My friend who started before me had the same problem as well but since there's nothing Nexon can do about it then don't worry.

    Thats what events are,if u participate and sacrifice irl stuff for hours in game u get the final reward ,otherwise u dont.
    It would be pretty unfair for the pople that started the event from the beginning to get the same reward that a person that started in the middle cuz it wasnt paying enough attention to the patch notes dont u think?